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Baby Selena Is Here!!!

Ike has a new baby cousin, little Selena Marie Bell.  She was born on Wednesday at 8lbs 7oz.  She is beautiful!  My little sister Wendy adds a third member to her family, Selena looks just like her big sister Savanna.  We are all thrilled that baby and mommy are doing well and can’t wait to meet her!



On a slightly more self-centered note.  I am trying futilely (and not completely committedly) to lose the baby weight plus  a few extra pounds that have crept up over the years.  I got a fitbit tracker for Christmas this year and have been wearing it religiously.  I have not been using it to it’s full potential.  I plan to though!  Anyway, on Fridays I will post my fitbit data for the week and track some progress.  Total steps, days at goal, days at calorie goal (I have not been tracking calories but I will start!) So here’s my jumping off point…hopefully some improvements are coming soon!





Days at step goal. 2

Overall steps.  62,713

Active Minutes.  123

Days Food Tracked. 0


Goals for next week:

Overall Steps. 70,000

Active Minutes. 200

Days Food Tracked. 5


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