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Mother’s Day Weekend

Happy Mother’s Day!  To all the mothers, grandmothers, step-mothers, godmothers, any mothers out there, cheers! And thank you for all that you do! This was my first Mother’s Day.  I learned a very important lesson, that children do not always follow the plan, even on our day.  Today I asked to go to church, with everyone, my kids, husband, and my mother and baby sister.  At mass my sister was complaining that she didn’t feel well, long story short there was a trip to the ER and foiled plans of a ham dinner and company. She’s fine now and we ate a bucket of chicken, except Ike, Ike ate peas, begrudgingly, and we plan to have fancy ham dinner tomorrow. Ike was super cute in his duds this morning, but those pics are yet to come.  The hubby and stepdaughter are a bit bickery today and the photos are on her dslr camera.  Here’s a shot of him all dressed up yesterday for Braylen’s first birthday party.






Here’s to all the mothers.  I now know that Mother’s day is not a day off, but a day on, because being a mother is quite possibly the most important job in the world. IMG_4357

Flowers from my dears!


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