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Fitbit Fridays

***Ooops forgot to publish this on Friday***


Oh hmm.  Not so good this week.








I made sure to reach my step goal for today, to try to kick start next week’s recordings.  Although I did not log any food, because I ate a cookie for breakfast and frankly, who wants to remember that?  Nevertheless, here are the numbers.



Days at step goal. 3

Overall Steps. 69,154

Active Minutes. 116

Days food tracked. 1.5


Goals for next week:

Days at step goal. 5

Overall Steps. 70,000 (so close this week!)

Active Minutes. 150

Days food tracked. 4

I know that food is what I need to work on.  I’m having some trouble though organizing my thoughts (and my kitchen) for a week of meals to satisfy everyone, and meet my nutritional/caloric goals.  I am at no loss for recipes and resources.  I’m not really sure what the issue is, maybe over-stimulation?  Maybe I’ve thought about it to death? Maybe it’s time to stop thinking and start doing.  Where have I heard that before, Home Depot commercials?


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