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Graduation Day

We have a high school graduate in our midst.  Last night Gabby closed the book on her grade school career.  She graduated, with honor, with beauty and grace and class.  She made it, did she ever make it!  This year she moved, away from her mother and family and friends and high school of three years.  She came to Georgia and went to school not knowing a soul.  She played a sport, joined some clubs, received straight A’s all year, and made friendships to last a lifetime.  This year she learned to drive, became eligible to vote, got accepted to college.

The little girl I met three years ago, sitting on the floor at her cousin’s house, has bloosmed before my eyes, into an intelligent young woman absolutely bursting at the seams with potential.  I’m proud, proud, proud, to say I know her and have had the opportunity to watch her come into her own.


We are all excited (albeit a tad nervous) as we start a new book, the college years.  I’m so glad to have been a part of her growing up, and I’m looking forward to staying a part of her journey into adulthood.  But before college, there’s two weeks of partying to do to celebrate graduation.  Must go craft things now, byes!

PS This also happened yesterday.


What the heck kid!  Would you lay down and say “gaa gaa goo goo” like a normal six month old baby!?!

Ahem, I mean happy six months, or half a year, or whatever my baby boy.  I love you so much! And I’m so happy that I get to be your mommy.  Please stop growing up so fast, I’m just enjoying it too much!


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