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Graduation Party

The Atlanta Graduation party was this weekend.  It was tiring, but totally worth it!  So ready to do it all over again in Indiana next weekend.  My dad and Isaac’s papa came in town for the festivities.   We had a great time, and we are still beaming with pride over her achievements.

The theme was mexican.  So there were salsas (shown below) and tacos and ague frescas.  And yum!


Here is our non-traditional guest book, people were to leave words of wisdom for the soon-to-be college girl.


And here is my favorite.  A photo backdrop and props.  We have some great shots of her with all her party guests.


Anyway, I hope the special girl had a good time, I sure did planning and being there.

And as if we didn’t have enough going on this weekend, Isaac and I left the party to meet up with two friends to go to a Dave Matthews Concert.  I am not a super-fan of Dave’s but I always enjoy his band during live shows.  Last night was no different.

10416644_665567610178405_2149561621064766041_n IMG_4498

On to fitbit tracking…








I kicked butt this week!  With steps anyways.  I still suck at food tracking…  And it’s been a crazy week too!  It has helped that I have officially transitioned to my new job, on the opposite end of the building, making the trek to the mother’s room a whopping 800 steps now!

Here are the steps for this week.



Days at step goal. 6!

Overall Steps. 79,862! Whaaat!

Active Minutes. 153

Days food tracked. 2ish

Goals for next week:

Days at step goal. 6 (because I set a standard now!)

Overall Steps. 70,000

Active Minutes. 150

Days food tracked. 4

I know I have issues with the food, and this week was particularly bad.  With company in town, over-committed evenings, and new shop folks to impress (hello donuts and AMT day lunch!).  I have resolved to make a change next week.  I am armed with a meal plan (thanks eatingwell.com) and a shopping list, and an extra day off to prepare!  I’m bound and determined chick-fil-a be darned!

Happy Memorial Day weekend, thank you military men and women and their families for all you do to keep us safe.


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