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Someday I will be (would like to be) organized.

We have a lot of stuff! Wait, check that, I have a lot of stuff.  Is has some stuff, but most of it is confined to the garage due to lack of room in the actual house, over-ridden with my stuff.  Stuff, junk, things, chatchkies, crap, necessary items.  A lot of stuff.  And add in the baby and a fashion crazed teen, we have too much stuff.  I need some storage solutions people!  Also, I could get rid of some stuff.  But honestly, I’m a closet hoarder, and I’m gravely afraid that the moment I get rid of something I will find a use for it.

Even though I am hesitant to just “clean house” per say, I have been getting rid of things in a slow, untimely manner over the past few months, since just before Ike was born (call it nesting maybe?).  Lately, I’ve had a bug about finding a logical storage system for the remaining stuff (junk) in the clutter sinks of our home.  These sinks have been identified as the worst offenders:

1. Bathroom cabinets

2. Kitchen pantry

3. Coat closet (which also doubles as cleaning supply closet and extra living room throw blankets storage)

4. Linen closet

5. Garage (yikes)

I started with the bathroom, since this is the area I see (second) most and is easily attackable after Ike goes to bed.

Here’s the cabinets before.

IMG_4393 IMG_4394

Aaaaaaand TA-DA! After.

IMG_4511 IMG_4510

Disclaimer: Not pictured the bathroom specific cleaning supplies (I’m looking for an over the door basket to contain them for easy retrievability).  Also not picture, the counter top.  I need a tray or something for makeup and the husbands shaving accompaniment thingies.  Anyway, it’s a start!  Up next…the pantry.  Dun dun DUUUN!

Well, that’s it for today, off to go pack everybody up, we’re headed to Indiana tomorrow! TTFN!


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