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Fitbit Fridays

It’s Friday already?  This week flew by! Between the party and the holiday on Monday, I’m still trying to figure out what day it is supposed to be.  Right.  To the numbers!











Days at step goal. 5 (holidays, laziness, excuses!)

Overall Steps.  72,129

Active Minutes. 110

Days food tracked. 3

Goals for next week:

Days at step goal. 6

Overall Steps. 70,000

Active Minutes. 150

Days food tracked. 5


I tracked my food, I tracked my food, I tracked my foods! I learned on Saturday that the fitbit can sync with myfitnesspal.com to count calories.  Since the myfitnesspal.com’s food database is WAAAAAAY better, this goal suddenly became more manageable (or perhaps I finally got my head out of my big fat butt).  Anyway, I’ve been tracking since Tuesday, when I came back to work, and I’ve been pretty close to my targets all three days.

Here’s my awesome sesame chicken salad and fresh fruits for the work week.


IMG_4524 IMG_4508


I am still tracking, since myfitnesspal also has an app, I plan to track in Indiana this weekend.  Although I’m counting on copious amounts of champagne at least one day this weekend, so that might not be accurately recorded.

Off I go to run around the house in a panic because OMG have to pack everything!  Also Ike says ‘sup’


“Hurry up and pack lady! I gotta go see that person named grandma, I’m so over-due for some hugs and kisses and spoiling.  Grab the milk and let’s hit it!”


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