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Let’s make us some baby food!

We’re back from Indy yo!  No worse for the wear I suppose.  I took yesterday off, so we could spend a little extra time with the family.  Ivanal made the trip with us, because she managed to pass all her classes and is now all set to ace 8th grade!  Her BFF Alencia did not make it to the festivities though, alas the life of a standby traveler.  Ivanal was a little disappointed, but she still had a good time at the party, and my mother-in-law more than made up for the loss by taking her and Gabs to downtown Chicago for a little girl-time/shopping.

As always, Ike enjoyed all of the attention from his adoring fans (relatives).

temp 001 temp 008

Isaac and I even stole a night away to watch the Blackhawks game with some of his old buds.  Sadly the Hawks were not able to rise up to the challenge of game 7.  But I got a new T-shirt out of it!

temp 003

I went to Trader Joe’s after dropping off Ivanal and got food for Ike and ourselves for the week.

Here’s Ike cook and freeze meals:

Broccoli (I hope this goes better than green beans)

Squash – tried and true

Pureed Chicken – protein it up! sleep baby sleep!

Peas – another tried and true

I bought a 6-pack of these cubes a while ago, and they were good.  But now I see that I need way more volume.  Since my blender needs a certain amount of food to spin the blades.  Also, I don’t want to make Ike food every night, it’s a little labor intensive and I’m already prone to burning things.  So I bought another 24 last week.  I think we’re ready to go!

temp 006 temp 005

I’m not sure where along the way I decided I wanted to make Ike’s baby food.  Other than I’m incredibly cheap and the canned stuff is scary with all the news about preservatives and links to childhood development.  I also want to get Ike used to eating the foods we like to eat, so that down the line, there will be no making two dinners, one for the adults and mac and cheese for a toddler who will eat nothing else.  It’s been pretty easy so far, I have not bought any expensive baby making gear, other than the storage cubes.  I boil  most of it until it’s pretty much mush, then throw it in my vitamix with a little water.  I also use my microwave rice maker to steam some of the veggies (apparently boiling removes some of the vitamins and minerals).  We did buy some mesh feeders and have put avocado and bananas in them, but Ike is none too impressed, and I hate cleaning them.  So, we are officially on the pureed/spoon fed baby path.  I would like to try baby led, but not exclusively, my little monster is HANGRY! Ain’t no body got time for pincer grasps, get in mah belly fuds!!

That all decided and well said, Ike’s freezer meals await!

temp 007


Fitbit photo bomb! Also, please excuse the random picture frame by the back door, one day I will put a beautiful picture in it.  And maybe even find a place to hang it!

And finally some prep for me for lunches this week.

temp 004


We’re all set for eats this week.  And tonight Isaac is cooking dinner (spaghetti yummy!), I will avoid thinking about cleaning up the kitchen until he is finished.


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