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Six Months Old

No, I don’t want it.  Let’s rewind, play it back in slo-mo please thanks!  Ike is six months old.  He’s a big, solid, tank of a baby now.  He’s not my little nugget any more, he has rolls to keep his rolls company.  He can do so many things for himself.  He grows a little more every day.  It makes me proud and excited but also a little sad.  He depends on me a little less everyday too.

ike 027

Ike at 2 weeks old.


Ike at 6 months old, at the mall with his cousin Mei.


Here’s what my little man can do:

– eat pureed food

– sit up on his own (until he turns his head, reaches for a toy, sneezes, or otherwise is asked to multi-task)

– reach for his toys, insert toys into mouth, yank said toys out to check out the slobber

– roll from his belly to his back, and his back to his side

– splash mommy from the tub

– toss unwanted toys (and sippy cups, and clean dishes, and mom’s sunglasses) from tables and counters

– play peek-a-boo with his bib and blankets

– babble endlessly, yell, laugh, giggle, coo and other forms of verbal heart meltings


Here’s what he still needs me for (YAY)

– the milks, all the milks

– holding the bottle

– carrying from place to place

– cuddles

– rockings

– diaper changes

– general loving-ness

At six months old Ike has taken five airplane trips, to four different states.  He has taken a car trip to Alabama.  He’s played in the sand, gotten in a pool, taken numerous stroller rides, gone to a baseball game, partied it up, brunch and lunch-ed with friends.  He’s had a full social calendar.


Ike recovering from his two month shots

Ike3-4 044 (1)

Ike on his way to visit Pawpaw in New Orleans at 3 months.

“Hello Pawpaw?  We’ve cleared the standby list, we’re on our way, put the crawfish on!”


Ike lounging in Cancun at 4 months

Braves Game 1

With Mom and Dad at the Braves game at 5 months

He smiles when he sees me, every time, it warms my heart.  I will miss that toothless grin someday.  The time is flying by, but when I think back, I am reminded of countless blessed moments between his birth and now.  I have enjoyed it all, even the tough stuff.  I am happy to watch him grow and learn, and I am looking forward to seeing the kind of person he grows into.  I will miss the early days, the complete dependency, and utter admiration, and all the cuddles and sweet moments.  Ike I want you to grow up and be happy and healthy, I just want to remember to cherish every second.  I love you so mucho mucho much baby.


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