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Golf, College and Printable Craze

It’s Friday again.  Already.  Man not working on Mondays messes me up for the whole week.  Not that I haven’t been enjoying the days off mind you.

Isaac is playing in a golf tournament today and the rest of the weekend.  And Gabby is at summer school orientation at GSU.  So it’s pretty much just me and Ike.  Which is awesome, except Ike goes to bed at 7 o’clock.  So then, it’s just me.

In my recent fit of organizing, I have discovered the world of household/family binders.  One of our biggest problems in the house is paper storage and organization.  Before we go on trips there is a mad rush around to locate passports, before we go to the doctor the same frenzy ensues to find medical information, and then when a car breaks down… you get the idea.  Anyway, I bought a binder (actually, I didn’t have time to buy a binder, so my mother bought one for me).  And I have found a HUGE variety of free printable worksheets and cover sheets, and lists online.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE lists? I do, and apparently I also LOVE printables.

There are printables for everything!  Family Budget printables, Emergency Contact worksheet printables, Honey-Do List printables, Pantry Inventory Printables.  PANTRY INVENTORY! Who came up with this stuff?! Why I would love to know what is in my pantry without having to pull out all the ridiculous amounts of pasta, beans, and various forms of canned tomato! Brilliant!

Here’s some of the printables I’m incorporating into our Family Binder.

Honey-Do List!


Bill Pay Reminder and Car Maintenance Log


Health Information


Weekly Meal Planner (GENIUS replaceable squares!)


This one’s not actually going in the binder, it’s going in the pantry, on a clip board, where I can see it when I’m planning meals.  Planning meals i.e. opening the pantry at dinner time and hoping for a semi-healthy miracle.



Should I add a cleaning checklist? Lol.  Cleaning yeah right!  Or maybe a go-to meals list, for when I need inspiration, or remembering what everyone loves.  This is obviously going to be a work in progress.

Oh, I got a little sidetracked with the printables.  It’s friday, so here’s the totals.











Days at step goal. 4

Overall Steps.  67, 049

Active Minutes. 101

Days food tracked. 5

Goals for next week:

Days at step goal. 6

Overall Steps. 70,000

Active Minutes. 150

Days food tracked. 5


What’s that saying? If it’s not one thing it’s another.  So I tracked my food every day except Saturday (copious amounts of champagne day) and yesterday (bake and taste “lactation cookies” because milk supply is going down, except it isn’t, the pump is just dying, sorry I can’t hear you over the chewing of the cookies).  What was I getting at? Oh yes, I tracked my food, fairly successfully, but I forgot to walk!  I didn’t forget, but being in Indiana this weekend, it was a little more challenging to get my steps in.  We pretty much just hung around my in-laws save for quick trips to grab things for the party and a breakfast at Cracker Barrel with Ike’s soon to be god-parents.

This week I will make more of an effort to BOTH track food AND take more steps.  My team here at work is participating in a fitness challenge competition with other engineering groups.  I tend to work a little (a lot) harder when someone is watching me.  Hmm. Perhaps I can squeeze in a 20 minute Zumba workout after Ike goes to bed if it would allow me to make a cardio entry into the team logbook.  Excuse me, let me just go and sign up, brb.

That’s it for this one, I’m going to watch binge watch Orange is the New Black and fill in my printables!


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