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Ike’s Sleep, or lack there of

Ike used to be an awesome sleeper.  He’d go down at 8:00 with no protest and sleep until about 3am.  Then he’d eat and go right back to sleep, in fact, his eyes would stay closed through the feeding.  He’d wake up between 6 and 7 and be a delightfully happy little fellow.

Well, that seems to be over.  For past few weeks (or maybe just two, it seems much longer because I are tired!), he’s been back to the newborn cycle of up every 2-3 hours.  Initially I thought it was just a growth spurt and I figured we would just tough it out.  Then maybe he’s teething, because he wasn’t eating a whole lot during the day (relatively speaking, this kid normally puts down almost 18 ounces WHILE I’M AT WORK!).  I don’t clearly remember when the multiple night wakings started, but I do know that I am over it.

Enter sleep training 101.  I am firmly against cry-it-out and Ferberizing methods of sleep training.  I’m a softy wimp and I jump up and come running when he wimpers.  There’s no way my heart could take it listening to him cry for minutes and minutes.  No way.  No how.  Not gonna happen.  So, I read the No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley.  I read it.  I have yet to implement anything other than a lovie toy that I’m pretty sure Ike is completely indifferent towards.  But isn’t he adorable when I force him to cuddle it?


I did however, make a list.  Becasue of course I did! It’s not complete, and a little bit scattered, but here’s Ike sleep as I know it for the past X days.  I’m not with him all the time, and my mother does write down most things, but Dad and Sissy do not, and I haven’t asked them so…anyway, Stats, Lists, yay!

Sunday May 25th

8:00pm – 1:20am, 1:50am-2:00am. 2:15am-5:30am

Monday May 26th

7:45pm-11:40pm, 11:55pm-2:35am, 2:50am-5:50am

Tuesday May 28th

8:20pm-12:00am, 12:15am-2:00am, 2:10am,5:25am

Wednesday May 28th

7:50pm-10:30pm, 10:45pm-10:55pm, 11:05pm-1:30am, 1:45am-5:25am, 5:50am-7:00am

Thursday June 5th

7:15pm-10:15pm, 10:30pm-2:45am, 3:00am-5:30am

Friday June 6th

7:10pm-11:40pm, 12:00am-3:00am, 3:10am-5:15am, 5:20am-6:00am

Sunday June 8th

8:10pm – 2:30am (THIS WAS AWESOME!), 2:45am-7:30am (EQUALLY AWESOME!)

Monday June 9th

7:30pm-12:00am, 12:15am-3:00am, 3:15am-6:00am

Tuesday June 10th

8:10pm-1:00am, 1:15am-5:00am


There have been approximately 2 nights here and there where is miraculously slept until 2 or 3am or past 5:30am.  But I have not been able to replicate the evening activities to get the same results.  Sigh.  I guess it’s time to start implementing some of the tools, it’s just hard, in the middle of the night to stay awake to use them.  In the words of Buster Bluth (ref Arrested Development) “It’s tired in here”.


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