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The Pantry is finished! More or less…

Well that was a monstrous task!  But the panty is cleaned and organized save for a solution to the pet food bags.  Here’s what our pantry looked like before.

IMG_4669 IMG_4667

Um yeah, we can’t even close the drawer to our “extra storage” unit.  Also, I believe there used to be a floor under there…


This is an awesome idea I found on pinterest (and it worked!).  It’s foam board (like for all those middle school science fairs) covered with drawer liner paper to make the wired pantry shelves into things that small packets and fingers won’t slip through!  Genius!


This is the finished product! Whoop whoop!



And here’s my little helper.  Keeping himself entertained while I organize.


It would be prudent to note that A LOT of things I found in the pantry were expired, so there was not as much stuff to put back in as I took out.   There were also a lot of things that were expired that I didn’t even know we had… Enter the pantry inventory list!  From my printable craze of last week.

Also, I labeled my jars this time, and included expiration dates, because um duh.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before.  Plus the labels are so cute!


Next on the I need solutions asap list.  The coat closet.  Which is also the cleaning supply closet, extra blankets closet, um that thingy doesn’t have a proper home I’ll just throw it in the closet closet.

It’s Friday, so that means it’s time to settle up the fitbit scores.  I did not track food much this week, because I have noticed a significant decrease in Ike’s milk supply when I started obsessively counting calories.  I’m not sure how to balance this just yet, but I’ve definately upped my calorie intake to try to get it back.  Most of those calories are just extra protien and a bowl of oatmeal at night, but nevertheless any excuse to not own up to what I’m putting in my mouth, lol.  I did still bring my lunch to work almost every day this week and I’ve stayed out of the snack shops and most importantly have not gained any weight.  It helps that I’ve been pumping at night this week so I have also not been drinking 🙂









Days at step goal. 5

Overall Steps.  75,796

Active Minutes. 182

Days food tracked. 3

Goals for next week:

Days at step goal. 6

Overall Steps. 70,000

Active Minutes. 150

Days food tracked. On hold until Milk Crises 2014 is over.

Next week is the beginning of the departmental fitness challenge at work.  Let’s see how that motivation goes…


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