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Father’s Day 2014

We kept it pretty low-key this Father’s Day.  We had a little breakfast feast with Dad and we gave him his gifts.  Ike helped unwrap.



He loved the picture frame from the photos Gabby and I took with Ike.  We did pick some winners… But in the spirit of fun here are some outtakes.

IMG_4879 IMG_4870

IMG_4784 IMG_4888

Then Andy came over and Isaac went golfing with him and Josey.  And I stayed home with the kids.  Um what?  Well, we were planning “planning” to go to Top Golf (can you tell my husband is OBSESSED with golf at the moment?) with the kids and some friends.  Somehow that morphed into well since only Josey was able to join us, maybe we could go to the club (we belong to a country club aren’t we hoity toity?)  and the kids and I would go to the pool while Josey and Isaac golfed.  Which ended up being, Isaac going golfing with his buddies and us just staring at one another for a few hours.  Then golf ran late and Isaac and I had tickets to a concert over at Chastain to see Hall & Oats yesterday evening.  So I set up Gabs with Ike’s nightly routine and meet him out in Smyrna.

The concert was fun, but it rained, which was not awesome.

I think I’d like to make a bit more effort next year into having a Father’s Day where the kids participate a little more.  I need to think up some fun traditions to instate.  Can I use fun and instate in the same sentance?


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