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We are all just fine

We are surviving, more importantly this temporarily single mommy is surviving.  Everyone is fed, and cleaned and happy.  And I’ve chosen to spend my few minutes of precious free time doing this.




Yeah, the internet is like a black hole for productivity.

Isaac is still in Rio.  He went to a World Cup game yesterday to watch the defending champions Espana get defeated in group play by Chile.  He couldn’t have chosen a more pivotal or exciting match!   He’s been gone since Monday and we have been hanging in there with a single parent household.


Single mommas out there, I salute you!  This is hard with two parents… Being down one has made me appreciate my husband more than ever.

Anyway, nothing significant to report here.  We are all just fine, albeit in a slightly dirtier house. With no food in it.  But just fine nevertheless.  We all miss dad, but we’re pretty excited he gets to cross this thing off his bucket list.





Ok I should go to bed, or go clean something or something.


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