Eight Months Old

Ike’s 8 months old.  He’s getting closer and closer to that year mark when I am supposed to start referring to him as a toddler.  Or rather, no longer an infant.  I think I can still call him my baby for at least another 30 years.  Only one month more and he will have been out as long as he was in!


At eight months Ike’s stats:

Weight: 19lbs 3oz
Height: 29 inches!
Hair Length: Approaching everybody-assumers-he-is-a-girl-even-though-he-is-in-head-to-toe-blue length with an adorable rat tail thing growing in the back all on it’s own.
Clothing Size: 6-12mos, or 9mos

Things Ike can do:

  1. Sit.  Unassisted. Faceplant and recover to a sitting position.
  2. Cruise. Mostly just around the playpen.  Laps – he works out.
  3. Roll.  Front to back, back to front, side to side, into a ball at the foot of the crib.
  4. Stand.  Assisted (much to his displeasure).  At an activity table, in the playpen, on the back of the couch, at the ottoman, the fridge, crib, etc etc pretty much anywhere.
  5. Hold His Own Bottle.   Handy, but sad at the same time.
  6. Kiss.  When shown the sign for kisses (if he’s in a kissy sort of mood) Ike will give kisses to me, daddy, sissy, teddy bears, and the baby in the mirror.
  7. Wave.  Hi, hello, bye, goodbye, all warrant crazy flapping of whichever arm is free.
  8. Talk.  Ike says “Mamamamama“, “nanananana” (we think this means no), “dadadada daddeeee“, and “xbox. watch tv” (yeah that’s a problem).




Things Ike can probably do, but refuses to.  (Mommy angry, red face here)

  1. CRAWL! He can however somehow furious-flailing-inch-worm-scoot if given the right motivation (TV remotes work pretty well, so do iPhones).
  2. CHEW! Dude wants table food so bad, but will put entire brocolli floret into mouth and proceed to cough it right back up because “whut? I cannot just swallow like oatmeal? Wait HALP IT’S STUCK HALP HALP! Oh nevermind here it is”  He does however chew pureed chicken, whatever.
  3. Use a sippy cup.  He often inadvertantely gets juice/water from the cup, and then spits it down his shirt.  He will however drink from a regular cup if you let him.  “Can I have a sip of dat coffee mom? Oh you’re busy reading the paper, it’s ok I”ll do it myself

He’s kind of strayed from the “I must eat all da fuds” thing lately and is now much more “Gimma dat spoon so I can throw it on the floor or beat myself in the forehead with it” now.  If he would learn to chew, then we would be more inclined to give him table food, but ref #2 above.  Meh, he’s still all about the milk, so I’m not overly concerned.


How not to go to the zoo (a step-by-step guide)

We went to the zoo today.  In Georgia, in July, with an infant.  Below is a list I’ve compiled of things we did wrong.

1. Get up at 6:30am.  Show up to the zoo five hours and three stops later.   Just catching the afternoon sun.

2. Disregard whether everyone in their party is dressed appropriately for 90+ degree weather, including yourself wearing jeans.

Yeah, the fact that they were white did not help anything at all.

3. Stuff everything you might need at the zoo in the stroller basket – important things like, diapers, a bottle, sunscreen, toys, wallet, etc.  Stuff it so full you cannot retrieve anything from said basket.

5. Get everyone’s tickets and promptly discard the free, extra helpful zoo map in favor of the vaguely pointy signs posted sporadically around the zoo.

4. Buy everyone a bottle of water upon entering the zoo at $3.00 a piece even though you can bring your own free water from home.  With Ice.  Whatever, nothing else would fit in the stroller basket anyway.

5. Dab sweat off the baby and search for a semi-private place to nurse him.  Fail and pull boob out in the ape exhibit because hey at least it’s cool in there.

I sat right next to Ivanal and fed Ike just as a group of elementary school aged kids crowded the window.

6. Realize baby is getting a little overheated, probably like an hour ago, and change into the white onesie packed for just this instance.  DO NOT get out the sunscreen while unpacking overstuffed under stroller basket now, because there will be nothing to unpack in 5 minutes when baby is transferred from the extra-shady stroller to the carrier due to extended protests.

Extra-Shady stroller pictured here, except the foot everything is well protected, oops.

7. Unpack overstuffed under stroller basket NOW, because the baby is now in the carrier due to extended protests, and feet/legs/head are hanging out in direct sunlight and OMG SUNBLOCK HURRY!

So, what’s the verdict on Ike’s first trip to the Zoo?  A Roaring Success of course!  Couldn’t you tell?


We all had a blast.  It was hot, yeah I probably should learn a few lessons for next time (lol like I’m ever going back), yeah I sort of forgot how Zoo’s smell like um animals.  But it was a great day and a great time was had by all.  See?

“Ike! Look at the elephant!”

“Huh? Mah blankit?”

“Ike! Look giraffes!”

hut daddy?  Look away from the giraffes?”

“ZOMG IKE! Look at the most adorable panda bear cubs! Ike?”


Obviously Ike enjoyed the zoo most of all.   And these two were just sort of along for the ride.  Ha!

610_1527610_1578  610_1561

Oh and also, how great does my husband look in his super-dad uniform complete with hugemongous camera to capture all of these fantastic memories.



Extra Kiddos around the House

We have some extra children around next week.  We are pretty excited about it.  Little cousin Mei has a week off from school so big cousin Gabby is babysitting Monday and Tuesday.  Also, medium cousin Alencia is coming to visit Ivanal from California (FINALLY!).  Plus the usual grownups and of course baby Ike, brings our total of people in the house at any given time up to eight.  EIGHT!  Talk about a full house!  But you know, honestly, I think we all prefer it this way.  Mass chaos reigns supreme at Casa Salinas.

Isaac and I are both planning to work next week, so I have been scouring groupon and halfoff depot for ideas on activities we can all do after 4pm.  We defenately want to make time to hang out with all the kids when we get off work, which means I would like to spend minimal time in the kitchen in the evening.  But, with such a big household (albeit temporarily) is what we are all going to eat.  Obviously Ike has his limited range of foods which he can accept or reject at his discretion (and does daily).  Alencia and Ivanal are pretty picky eaters and I’m not sure either of them even like any of the same things beyond cereal.  Mei is not all that picky, more just not into food, but will tolerate things like tortillas and noodles.  Isaac and I and my mother are somewhat more vegetable oriented.  Gabby, oh how I love my Gabby, will pretty much eat whatever I put in front of her because “OMG your cooking is sooooo good, that smells delicious, this is amazing,can I have some more pls?? Oh btw what is it?”

So thoughts, plans, and of course lists must ensue!

I did some research and the following are children specific lists of acceptable foods.


  1. Hot dogs
  2. Cereal (but not the healthy stuff)
  3. Pork chops and mashed potatoes
  4. Red beans and rice
  5. That pasta you made that time with the green things in it, but without the green things (green things – vegetables)
  6. Oatmeal
  7. Hot cheetos, or any disgusting artificial flavor of chips
  8. Candy
  9. Frozen mochas from McDonalds
  10. Chicken Tacos


  1. Tortillas – white with burrdurr (flour with butter)
  2. Teweal (Cereal) The rainbows (Lucky Charms)
  3. Pata (Pasta)
  4. Steak
  5. Macaroni and tees (cheese)
  6. Chicken nuggets with no breading, but not chicken that comes with no breading, because because because well four-year-olds.


  1. Pizza, cheese only no toppings, the frozen kind not the fresh kind with any recognizable ingredients
  2. Chicken Nuggets
  3. Chocolate chip granola bars
  4. Cucumber with limes
  5. Cuties
  6. Chips, plain only no obnoxious or reasonable flavorings
  7. Cereal (also not the healthy kind)
  8. Bagels


  1. Dinner
  2. Ramen noodles (only if there’s no dinner)
  3. Starbucks

Ummm. Hmmm.  Nothing is the same.  Nopes, even the similar chicken nuggets appear to be more trouble than they will be worth.  Some people are going to be trying some new things this week.  Green things! Otherwise known as vegetables.  And also protien type things.  Moar color, moar variety, no I am not taking you to McDonalds!

Foods (Kid friendly/picky eater approved/vaguely healthy hopefully)

– Chicken tacos
– Cheeseburger pasta (OMG I’m so excited!)
– Alfredo pasta with Chicken AND green beans
– BBBQ Turkey Meatballs with mashed potatoes and a green vegetable
– Fruits, cleaned cut and ready for pickings, also fruit cups
– Yogurt
– Cereal lots and also lots of milk
– Granola bars
– Ham and turkey and bread and cheese and peanut butter and you guys do it yourselves!
– Chips (a variety pack)

Activities (After work friendly)

– Mani/Pedis (me and the girls only obvi)
The Aquarium – we are annual members, and they are open extended hours for summer yay!
– playgrounds/parks – Old Fourth Ward, Centinnial, Piedmont
– in town arts walks   This one looks great!

My sanity pad (planner) is looking a little insane!


Ike is patiently awaiting the arrival of all this company I’ve been promising.

photo 2

I don’t see anybody yet mom, I’ll let you know.

photo 1

Um cousins? Aunties? Hello? I feel you’re near with my spidey senses.


Hmm maybe they’re at the front door.  Hurry up you guys!

He Can’t. Because he has no teeth!

Ike’s cousin Mei once took great care and detail in outlining all of the things that baby Ike could not do, it was a long list, but really there was only one main theme.

Mei: “Ike can’t have chicken, Ike can’t have corn, Ike can’t have steak”
Gabby/Linda/Isaac: “Why Mei?”
Mei: “Because.  He has no teeth!”

Mei: “Ike can’t have any of my rainbow cereal”
Me/Isaac: “Why Mei?”
Mei: “Because he has no teeth!”

Mei: “I can have candy because I went poo in the potty, Ike can’t have candy”
Isaac/Gabby/Linda: “Why not Mei?”
Mei: “Because he went poo in his diaper.  Oh. AND BECAUSE! He has no teeth!”


Ike and Mei on the 4th of July.  (Maybe I’m a little biased, but these two could be in a magazine!)

Most of these conversations took place about 6-7 months ago.  Ike is now 8 months old.  He still has no teeth.  More than one person (including his Ped) have told me this is totally normal, but yet there are babies I know his age with 2, 3, 4, 8+ teeth!   Now Ike is quite a beefcake of an 8 month old.  And when he is not fighting cold germs and practicing teething, is pretty into eating, but how on earth am I supposed to keep this dude full on mushed up veggies and the occasional pureed chicken?  Any ideas?

Ike having no teeth is fine with me though, for the following reasons:

1. He cannot bite mah boobs!
2. I love his toothless smile
3. He’s my baby and he looks like much more of a baby with no teeth
4. I am pretty sure I cannot handle a night of real live tooth eruptions, just the thought makes me want to cry


Dear you grow teeth whenever you are ready, or when you are two or whatever, I’ll find something for you gum down.  ~Love Mama

Pay it Forward

Ike went back to the peds office yesterday, because I am a paranoid overly concerned parent.  Anyway, I think he’s fine and my plan is to basically pretend that this last visit did not happen.

After the peds and dropping Ike back home to his mawmaw, I swung by Starbucks for breakfast (a latte) before heading to work.  When I got to the window the barista informed me that the car ahead of me had paid for my order.  He asked if I would like to keep it going.  I said “sure”, then “wait, how much?” He told me and I said “sure” again.

It felt nice, to have gotten my drink for free.  And also to have given someone else a little gift of kindness.  In the end I probably spent the same amount of money, but this way I had two nice little blessings included.  What a deal!


My free latte.  It was a little more delicious I think.

The Wheels on the Bus

Go round and round and round and round and round.  Again and again and again and again.

The Wheels on the Bus is hands down Ike’s most favoritest song in the whole universe!  Now, this is not just a song that Ike listens to sometimes. This is the end all problem solver for our household.  I mean it solves ANYTHING!  Hungry? Wheels on the Bus.  Tired? Wheels on the Bus.  Bored? Wheels on the Bus.  Just plain old bratty?  Wheels on the Bus Wheels on the Bus Wheels on the Bus!

When Ike was about 2 months old he made the most inconvenient decision that he HATED to ride in the car.  Prior to this we would throw him in the car seat and he’d be passed out by the time the seat was in the car.  Now though, a trip to Target (6.5 minutes from home) was a complete nightmare.  He would howl, and scream, and kick, and whine, and work himself into such a frenzy that he would be drenched with sweat by the time we got where we were going.  What? The doctor’s office is almost 30 minutes from our house? AHHH MAYDAY!  We tried a crazy lime green light up mirror, we tried musical toys that hang from his car seat handle, we tried pacifiers of various shapes and sizes.  We threw toy after toy after toy at this problem but it was the same sweaty tramatized baby after every single car trip.

Then one day while Ike and I were hanging out at home (I was still on maternity leave but I’d be damned if I was going to go anywhere in the car I didn’t absolutely have to go, especially alone with the screaming banshee!) and I was reading in our free copy of “Baby Play and Learn” about age appropriate games.  One was singing the Wheel on the Bus while bicycling baby’s legs.  Easy enough.

Aside. I really like the book, there are so many simple ideas to entertain baby for little or no money and very few props or toys. 

Anyway, we did the Wheels on the Bus activity.  And Ike seemed to really enjoy it, we played the game for a while on the couch and he was quite content to repeat the song over and over again.  Hmm.  Light bulb anybody? Yeah not me, not yet anyway.

We continued to play the Wheels on the Bus activity for a few days, and one day I had him sitting in his lounger chair while I tried to make dinner.  After about 30 seconds he didn’t want to watch me cooking anymore and demanded my attention.  I absent mindedly began singing the Wheels on the Bus, because it’s very catchy and had been stuck in my head for days, and lo he stopped complaining and kicked his foot around to rock the lounger.  Hmmm…

Some unknown amount of time later Isaac and I were taking Ike somewhere for something or other, and I was sitting in the back seat with Ike, because that is where I had to sit to keep him from completely melting down, when he started to protest being strapped in his car seat.  I tried singing again and IT WORKED!  SOLUTIONS! Problem solved! Alert the media! I am a parental genius!  Also let’s please return the $500 worth of useless toys we bought, all I needed was my off-key singing voice and it’s free!

Isaac and I both found a Raffi version of the song on Spotify (ps I also LOVE spotify, for Ike and also myself!) to play on our phones.  Now whenever Ike starts to wind up in the car we just put on the Raffi version and everything is cool again.

The wonder-song doesn’t just work in the car either! We now use this song as our secret weapon to all of Ike’s complaints.  He’s sitting in the high chair and I’m trying to mix cereal (he’s very impatient about food related things) just sing a few verses and we are good to go.  He’s fighting the puppy dog mask of death (aka the nebulizer treatments), his sister sings the Wheels on the Bus and we are all good.  He’s tired of sitting in the Ergo while I try to chose the perfect cheeky birthday card in Target (Ike: “Move it along! I have stuffs to look at and people to smile at and straps to chew on!”), Wheels on the Bus to the rescue! Although it gets kind of hard to read and sing at the same time, but that is small potatoes comparatively speaking.  He won’t settle down for bedtime, Daddy has taken to singing Wheels on the Bus and rocking a few dozen times and it works like a charm.

Recently he has been dancing when someone (mostly his sister) sings this song to him.  It’s like he is telling us “Oh yeah turn up! That’s my jam!”


How did I get Ike to smile for this pic? Yup you guessed it!

We are all very grateful to whoever decided to write a song about a bus and it’s inatimate objects and various riders.  Thank you whoever you are you mad genius we are forever in your debt!

It’s A Puzzle, It’s A Foam Board, It’s…

It’s our new rug in the living room.  We have a new rug.  Sort of.  What do you think?


Do I love it?  No.

Am I at least happy it isn’t horrible primary colors? Yes

Does it look as nice as the not-so-inexpensive rug used to? Um NO!

Is it better for Ike than the no-so-inexpensive rug? Yeah Ok.
Ok ok the old rug was a little shoddy and left lint all over Ike when played on the floor, and presumably some in his mouth.  So now we have a puzzle floor.  Awesome.  At least it isn’t red and yellow and have pictures of Elmo all over it.


Get over it lady, this isn’t even your house anymore, it’s MY house.  All of my primary colored toys everywhere say so.

Alright, Ike does seem to really like the floor, and he’s already toppled over and hit his head, it is very bouncy.  Much softer than the hardwoods.

I give.  Let me go and get the real camera to document Ike’s love for the new floor in his 7 month pictures.  Right now.  Before he is 8 months old! Should I have him hold a boogie wipe tissue? To commiserate the month of his first cold?  Or maybe the panda nebulizer… Nah he’d be pretty furious about that, especially if the panda dares to touch his new floor.