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We’re going to the Mountains

We’re going to the mountains, just me and Isaac with our grown up (mostly) friends to hang out in a cabin for a few days.  Let the shenanigans and tomfoolery begin (and end by 9pm because that is my bedtime ok?)  I’m gonna sleep so hard ya’ll!  Wake me on Sunday.   Ike don’t drink all the milk the first day okay?

Ike’s staying in ATL with his sister and grandma Gigi.  I’m so grateful to have such wonderful babysitters, but I am going to miss him so much!  Hopefully he doesn’t start walking, talking, eating steak and potatoes, or being a teenager while I’m gone or anything.

I’m leaving a slightly OCD helicopter parent-y cheat list thingy for the baby-minders.  I hope it’s not offensive to them because they are awesome at taking care of Ike, but he’s my baaaaybeee I need to make sure he’s taken care of just right.  These are my loose-flexible-hey-I-can-have-fun-sometime-mommy notes on baby Ike for the next 4 days.  (OMG FOUR DAYS! EEK)


Right, all done packing now!  Hopefully I can supplement the massive amounts of milk about to be consumed in my absence, but still have some fun indulging in some wine (and beer and vodka and and and).   I’m bringing all the necessary supplies for dairy farming while I’m away, also bringing the will and vigilance to keep the supply up.  And oatmeal.




Hmm, something is missing…where’s my cooler?



Someone’s trying to sabotage me!



There’s all the stuff.

 I love you baby Ike, be good for grandma, mommy has to go nap now bye bye!  Oh and don’t start crawling or saying ma-ma when I leave ok?


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