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Ike’s First Cold

Ike has a cold.  I also have a cold.  We both stayed home yesterday to go to the Peds office.  I’m pretty broken up about this.  Both cause I’m feeling very guilty that I left the poor baby to go galavanting along on an adult vacation, and because he’s never been sick before.  It hasn’t occurred to me that he would ever get sick.  I’m such a dork, a spoiled one with an uncommonly healthy baby.  But now he’s sick, and he needs me, and mostly I’ve been panicking about it.  And also napping, because again, I am also sick.

We went to the pediatrician yesterday afternoon, after I had spent all morning convincing myself that I would show up and be pacified by the doctor (or maybe even just a nurse) because I am an over-excited, obssessive, neurotic first-time mommy with absolutely nothing to worry about.  I would leave the office feeling embarrassed and very relieved then me and Ike would go to the grocery and prepare a nice dinner for the family with our afternoon off.

That is not what happened.

We showed up, the nurse took his temp. Normal.  Great start! Then weight.  Hmm he lost a few ounces, nobody seems to be upset about this though, so still good… Then the questions:

Doc.  Has he been eating normally?
Me. Yeah, he’s kinda been avoiding the solids, but his milk intake is normal.

Doc. Is the cough a dry cough or a wet cough?
Me. Definately wet, he’s very congested.

Doc. When did the congestions start?
Me. Uhh, maybe like a week ago?

Doc. When did the cough start?
Me. Well, you see my husband and I were out of town, you know without the baby because we are amazing parents like that and um, you know maybe like Friday-ish? Idk he coughed when I got back yesterday.

Doc. Have you heard him wheezing?
Me.  Um. I think so… Can you please demonstrate what wheezing sounds like?

Dr. Stewart came and took a listen to his chest, and observed him breathing.  Yep he is wheezing.  Here’s how you tell.  Most of the time when he’s breathing his whole belly goes up and then back down.  When he is wheezing his belly at the top (near his ribs) is sucked in, which means he is using more muscles to take in air.  Re: B.A.D.!

Then a lot of things happened really fast.  Wheezing is a sign that the cold symptoms are not just a common cold.  She made a diagnosis pretty quickly of Bronchiolitis.  Then the nurse came in and gave him a steriod (orally) and started a nebulizer with albuterol.  Then everyone left me in the room with just him and he proceeded to scream his head off.  Why?  Because OMG the puppy dog plastic mask is. going. to. kill. me. HEEEELLLLLPPPPPPP!  After the killer puppy mask finally stopped making vapor (more or less) I fed him and he passed out.   Then the doctor came back with three prescriptions.  One for more albuterol, one for 4 more doses of steriods, and one for Amoxicillin, because you know cold+mucus=antiboitics.  Welcome to America.  She also gave me an order for a chest X-Ray (YIKES!) and sent me to the hospital right away. 

So clearly I was way off base about not having anything to worry about…or was I?  Because I did make the executive decision to take off of work and go to the doctor because I know something is just not right!  The chest X-Ray confirmed no pnumonia (YIKES squared!) but it showed Bronchitis.  Which, I looked on the trusty interwebs, is not the same thing is Bronchiolitis.  I missed the doctor’s call with the results because I was busy trying to get the prescriptions filled and the world’s busiest Walgreens.  I remembered as I was leaving and muttering to myself about an hour being an asanine wait time, that Publix also has a pharmacy and was probably much less in demand and we needed Oregano. Awesome job.  So now I appear to have two treatment plans, one for a cold (anitboitics?) and one for Bronchiolitis (Nebulizer/Steriods) but it would seem that the actual problem is Bronchitis, which the internet says can be treated in either of these ways.  So, we’re covered then right? I tried to call Dr. Stewart back but she was not on call last night and is out of the office today.  I’ve been waffling back and forth about changing the plan myself (he hasn’t been wheezing since we left the office) and just obeying my marching orders in an effort to not prolong this sickness. 

The puppy mask and the panda bear nebulizer are now setup in my living room to be used every 4 hours (night and day!).   We gave him his steriods and anibiotics this morning.  I have a call in to go back to the doc’s on Thursday.  Perhaps she can write me prescription as well? I’ve blown my nose so many times today my eyeball is throbbing!  Or maybe I’m just going nuts.  The latter is much more likely.


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