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It’s A Puzzle, It’s A Foam Board, It’s…

It’s our new rug in the living room.  We have a new rug.  Sort of.  What do you think?


Do I love it?  No.

Am I at least happy it isn’t horrible primary colors? Yes

Does it look as nice as the not-so-inexpensive rug used to? Um NO!

Is it better for Ike than the no-so-inexpensive rug? Yeah Ok.
Ok ok the old rug was a little shoddy and left lint all over Ike when played on the floor, and presumably some in his mouth.  So now we have a puzzle floor.  Awesome.  At least it isn’t red and yellow and have pictures of Elmo all over it.


Get over it lady, this isn’t even your house anymore, it’s MY house.  All of my primary colored toys everywhere say so.

Alright, Ike does seem to really like the floor, and he’s already toppled over and hit his head, it is very bouncy.  Much softer than the hardwoods.

I give.  Let me go and get the real camera to document Ike’s love for the new floor in his 7 month pictures.  Right now.  Before he is 8 months old! Should I have him hold a boogie wipe tissue? To commiserate the month of his first cold?  Or maybe the panda nebulizer… Nah he’d be pretty furious about that, especially if the panda dares to touch his new floor.



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