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The Wheels on the Bus

Go round and round and round and round and round.  Again and again and again and again.

The Wheels on the Bus is hands down Ike’s most favoritest song in the whole universe!  Now, this is not just a song that Ike listens to sometimes. This is the end all problem solver for our household.  I mean it solves ANYTHING!  Hungry? Wheels on the Bus.  Tired? Wheels on the Bus.  Bored? Wheels on the Bus.  Just plain old bratty?  Wheels on the Bus Wheels on the Bus Wheels on the Bus!

When Ike was about 2 months old he made the most inconvenient decision that he HATED to ride in the car.  Prior to this we would throw him in the car seat and he’d be passed out by the time the seat was in the car.  Now though, a trip to Target (6.5 minutes from home) was a complete nightmare.  He would howl, and scream, and kick, and whine, and work himself into such a frenzy that he would be drenched with sweat by the time we got where we were going.  What? The doctor’s office is almost 30 minutes from our house? AHHH MAYDAY!  We tried a crazy lime green light up mirror, we tried musical toys that hang from his car seat handle, we tried pacifiers of various shapes and sizes.  We threw toy after toy after toy at this problem but it was the same sweaty tramatized baby after every single car trip.

Then one day while Ike and I were hanging out at home (I was still on maternity leave but I’d be damned if I was going to go anywhere in the car I didn’t absolutely have to go, especially alone with the screaming banshee!) and I was reading in our free copy of “Baby Play and Learn” about age appropriate games.  One was singing the Wheel on the Bus while bicycling baby’s legs.  Easy enough.

Aside. I really like the book, there are so many simple ideas to entertain baby for little or no money and very few props or toys. 

Anyway, we did the Wheels on the Bus activity.  And Ike seemed to really enjoy it, we played the game for a while on the couch and he was quite content to repeat the song over and over again.  Hmm.  Light bulb anybody? Yeah not me, not yet anyway.

We continued to play the Wheels on the Bus activity for a few days, and one day I had him sitting in his lounger chair while I tried to make dinner.  After about 30 seconds he didn’t want to watch me cooking anymore and demanded my attention.  I absent mindedly began singing the Wheels on the Bus, because it’s very catchy and had been stuck in my head for days, and lo he stopped complaining and kicked his foot around to rock the lounger.  Hmmm…

Some unknown amount of time later Isaac and I were taking Ike somewhere for something or other, and I was sitting in the back seat with Ike, because that is where I had to sit to keep him from completely melting down, when he started to protest being strapped in his car seat.  I tried singing again and IT WORKED!  SOLUTIONS! Problem solved! Alert the media! I am a parental genius!  Also let’s please return the $500 worth of useless toys we bought, all I needed was my off-key singing voice and it’s free!

Isaac and I both found a Raffi version of the song on Spotify (ps I also LOVE spotify, for Ike and also myself!) to play on our phones.  Now whenever Ike starts to wind up in the car we just put on the Raffi version and everything is cool again.

The wonder-song doesn’t just work in the car either! We now use this song as our secret weapon to all of Ike’s complaints.  He’s sitting in the high chair and I’m trying to mix cereal (he’s very impatient about food related things) just sing a few verses and we are good to go.  He’s fighting the puppy dog mask of death (aka the nebulizer treatments), his sister sings the Wheels on the Bus and we are all good.  He’s tired of sitting in the Ergo while I try to chose the perfect cheeky birthday card in Target (Ike: “Move it along! I have stuffs to look at and people to smile at and straps to chew on!”), Wheels on the Bus to the rescue! Although it gets kind of hard to read and sing at the same time, but that is small potatoes comparatively speaking.  He won’t settle down for bedtime, Daddy has taken to singing Wheels on the Bus and rocking a few dozen times and it works like a charm.

Recently he has been dancing when someone (mostly his sister) sings this song to him.  It’s like he is telling us “Oh yeah turn up! That’s my jam!”


How did I get Ike to smile for this pic? Yup you guessed it!

We are all very grateful to whoever decided to write a song about a bus and it’s inatimate objects and various riders.  Thank you whoever you are you mad genius we are forever in your debt!


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