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Pay it Forward

Ike went back to the peds office yesterday, because I am a paranoid overly concerned parent.  Anyway, I think he’s fine and my plan is to basically pretend that this last visit did not happen.

After the peds and dropping Ike back home to his mawmaw, I swung by Starbucks for breakfast (a latte) before heading to work.  When I got to the window the barista informed me that the car ahead of me had paid for my order.  He asked if I would like to keep it going.  I said “sure”, then “wait, how much?” He told me and I said “sure” again.

It felt nice, to have gotten my drink for free.  And also to have given someone else a little gift of kindness.  In the end I probably spent the same amount of money, but this way I had two nice little blessings included.  What a deal!


My free latte.  It was a little more delicious I think.


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