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He Can’t. Because he has no teeth!

Ike’s cousin Mei once took great care and detail in outlining all of the things that baby Ike could not do, it was a long list, but really there was only one main theme.

Mei: “Ike can’t have chicken, Ike can’t have corn, Ike can’t have steak”
Gabby/Linda/Isaac: “Why Mei?”
Mei: “Because.  He has no teeth!”

Mei: “Ike can’t have any of my rainbow cereal”
Me/Isaac: “Why Mei?”
Mei: “Because he has no teeth!”

Mei: “I can have candy because I went poo in the potty, Ike can’t have candy”
Isaac/Gabby/Linda: “Why not Mei?”
Mei: “Because he went poo in his diaper.  Oh. AND BECAUSE! He has no teeth!”


Ike and Mei on the 4th of July.  (Maybe I’m a little biased, but these two could be in a magazine!)

Most of these conversations took place about 6-7 months ago.  Ike is now 8 months old.  He still has no teeth.  More than one person (including his Ped) have told me this is totally normal, but yet there are babies I know his age with 2, 3, 4, 8+ teeth!   Now Ike is quite a beefcake of an 8 month old.  And when he is not fighting cold germs and practicing teething, is pretty into eating, but how on earth am I supposed to keep this dude full on mushed up veggies and the occasional pureed chicken?  Any ideas?

Ike having no teeth is fine with me though, for the following reasons:

1. He cannot bite mah boobs!
2. I love his toothless smile
3. He’s my baby and he looks like much more of a baby with no teeth
4. I am pretty sure I cannot handle a night of real live tooth eruptions, just the thought makes me want to cry


Dear you grow teeth whenever you are ready, or when you are two or whatever, I’ll find something for you gum down.  ~Love Mama


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