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Extra Kiddos around the House

We have some extra children around next week.  We are pretty excited about it.  Little cousin Mei has a week off from school so big cousin Gabby is babysitting Monday and Tuesday.  Also, medium cousin Alencia is coming to visit Ivanal from California (FINALLY!).  Plus the usual grownups and of course baby Ike, brings our total of people in the house at any given time up to eight.  EIGHT!  Talk about a full house!  But you know, honestly, I think we all prefer it this way.  Mass chaos reigns supreme at Casa Salinas.

Isaac and I are both planning to work next week, so I have been scouring groupon and halfoff depot for ideas on activities we can all do after 4pm.  We defenately want to make time to hang out with all the kids when we get off work, which means I would like to spend minimal time in the kitchen in the evening.  But, with such a big household (albeit temporarily) is what we are all going to eat.  Obviously Ike has his limited range of foods which he can accept or reject at his discretion (and does daily).  Alencia and Ivanal are pretty picky eaters and I’m not sure either of them even like any of the same things beyond cereal.  Mei is not all that picky, more just not into food, but will tolerate things like tortillas and noodles.  Isaac and I and my mother are somewhat more vegetable oriented.  Gabby, oh how I love my Gabby, will pretty much eat whatever I put in front of her because “OMG your cooking is sooooo good, that smells delicious, this is amazing,can I have some more pls?? Oh btw what is it?”

So thoughts, plans, and of course lists must ensue!

I did some research and the following are children specific lists of acceptable foods.


  1. Hot dogs
  2. Cereal (but not the healthy stuff)
  3. Pork chops and mashed potatoes
  4. Red beans and rice
  5. That pasta you made that time with the green things in it, but without the green things (green things – vegetables)
  6. Oatmeal
  7. Hot cheetos, or any disgusting artificial flavor of chips
  8. Candy
  9. Frozen mochas from McDonalds
  10. Chicken Tacos


  1. Tortillas – white with burrdurr (flour with butter)
  2. Teweal (Cereal) The rainbows (Lucky Charms)
  3. Pata (Pasta)
  4. Steak
  5. Macaroni and tees (cheese)
  6. Chicken nuggets with no breading, but not chicken that comes with no breading, because because because well four-year-olds.


  1. Pizza, cheese only no toppings, the frozen kind not the fresh kind with any recognizable ingredients
  2. Chicken Nuggets
  3. Chocolate chip granola bars
  4. Cucumber with limes
  5. Cuties
  6. Chips, plain only no obnoxious or reasonable flavorings
  7. Cereal (also not the healthy kind)
  8. Bagels


  1. Dinner
  2. Ramen noodles (only if there’s no dinner)
  3. Starbucks

Ummm. Hmmm.  Nothing is the same.  Nopes, even the similar chicken nuggets appear to be more trouble than they will be worth.  Some people are going to be trying some new things this week.  Green things! Otherwise known as vegetables.  And also protien type things.  Moar color, moar variety, no I am not taking you to McDonalds!

Foods (Kid friendly/picky eater approved/vaguely healthy hopefully)

– Chicken tacos
– Cheeseburger pasta (OMG I’m so excited!)
– Alfredo pasta with Chicken AND green beans
– BBBQ Turkey Meatballs with mashed potatoes and a green vegetable
– Fruits, cleaned cut and ready for pickings, also fruit cups
– Yogurt
– Cereal lots and also lots of milk
– Granola bars
– Ham and turkey and bread and cheese and peanut butter and you guys do it yourselves!
– Chips (a variety pack)

Activities (After work friendly)

– Mani/Pedis (me and the girls only obvi)
The Aquarium – we are annual members, and they are open extended hours for summer yay!
– playgrounds/parks – Old Fourth Ward, Centinnial, Piedmont
– in town arts walks   This one looks great!

My sanity pad (planner) is looking a little insane!


Ike is patiently awaiting the arrival of all this company I’ve been promising.

photo 2

I don’t see anybody yet mom, I’ll let you know.

photo 1

Um cousins? Aunties? Hello? I feel you’re near with my spidey senses.


Hmm maybe they’re at the front door.  Hurry up you guys!


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