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Here, There, and Pretty Much Everywhere

The Salinas’ have had a busy week!

We took the kids to the Aquarium on Monday evening.  Going on a weekday evening is definately the way to go!  It was minimally crowded, and nice and quiet, we had our pick of parking, and the cafe was closed so no temptations!  Also, the fish seem to have some sort of calming affect on everyone.


Except for me.  Me, who is a little terrified of fish.  Me, who knocked my own baby down wincing at a fish as it swam by my face.  In my defense, it was a really really big and ugly fish!

The penguins seemed extra fond of Mei and Alencia.


Before the aquarium, Gabs also took the girls to Menchie’s for a treat.


Then, on Tuesday my mother took Alencia, Mei, and Ike to the Children’s Museum.  Do I have a baby Beethovan?


Wednesday was pretty quiet, Linda and Mark took the girls for a sleepover.  Isaac went to play volleyball with his free time.  I somewhat santized the house and went to bed early.

Alencia and I tried to go swimming at the country club on Thursday.  But it started to rain shortly after we finally got there.   So, we waited for Isaac to get done golfing and had dinner at Zoe’s Kitchen.

Yesterday, Isaac took Alencia and Gabby to Six Flags.


Alencia was heading to Indiana last night, we will miss her.  We are so glad she came to spend the week with us.  I think that Ike will miss her most of all.  He had a great time playing with her all week!


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