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Mischievous Activities

Someone is becoming a little bit mischievous at a very young age.  He is accomplishing feats I assumed would be weeks, months, or even years off.  He is accomplishing these feats directly under my nose.  Instead of acting quickly to intervene, I typically standby dumbfounded because the baby just did what?

Exhibit A.

About two weeks ago, I had Ike setup in his Bumbo chair near the fridge while I made dinner.  I had made it a point to thoroughly clean the lower half of the fridge door and place non-chokable magnets in the area at his eye level.  I am being all well-thought-out-parent-like right?  I am in the kitchen with him, maybe two-ish feet away.  I am frequently turning around to find him meticoulously moving the magnets around and tasting each of them.  I turn around to place chicken in a pot, look back to him, and he is on the floor face down with one foot caught under the refridgerator.  What?

How did he even get out the seat, he has some of the hammiest thighs around.  And even if he did manage to roll out, how on earth did he manage to get a foot stuck UNDER there so fast?

Lo- the Bumbo has been retired to the garage with the swing in a pile of “things Ike knows how to escape”.

Exhibit B.

I’ve mentioned before that Ike’s not a huge fan of car rides.  The Wheels on the Bus has worked miracles, but sometimes I just can’t take it for 357 repeats while we run around on the weekends.  So, I turn to toys, pacifiers, whatever I can put my hands on while we cruise the interstates.  Juice, Powerade, Water bottles have worked well in the past.

This weekend, we were in line at a drive thru and Ike was squawking about the car not moving fast enough so I passed him a bottle of water from my cupholder.  It was almost empty and the lid was secured.  Isaac looked back a few minutes later and asked if I’d given Ike a bottle of water.  I said “Yes but it has a lid on it”.  He said “Had. It HAD a lid”.  I turned around and Ike had water everywhere.  We happened to be on our way to church.

When did you learn to open bottles?  How did you even know to twist the cap?  Uh What? When? WHY!?  Hey at least it wasn’t this bottle he was playing with last week.


Exhibit C.

Also this weekend, Ike and I were hanging out in the living room, aka Ike’s playroom fortress.  He was standing up at his little learning table, flipping his book back and forth and slamming the scatting lid open and closed.  Then he looked up at me, sitting on the couch watching him play, and dropped on arm.  I said “Ike, you can’t stand by yourself, don’t let go of the table.”  Ike grinned at me, I swear he understood me, and lifted his other hand off of the table.  I lunged for him, but stopped.  He was standing.  By himself.  We both just stared at each other equally surprised.  Then. He tumbled.  Not towards me, inches away, not towards the crash pillows covering another 50% of the surrounding area, no he tumbled across the table and out of my reach onto the floor.

After all was said and done, he actually made a fairly graceful landing, butt first, just matching his head up with the discarded plush pengiun he had been playing with a few minutes before, and narrowly missing the wooden frame of the couch.  Nevertheless he was pissed and I was terrified.  We are both fine now, but sheesh, dude! You can not stand up by yourself, you are a baby!  Why does he insist on challenging this fact on a daily basis?

I wish this kid would stop figuring out all of my distraction and baby containing tactics.  I cannot keep up!  Oh but all is forgiven, for at naptime he is an angel and I forget all the ways he has tried to hurt himself.


P.S. Other ways Ike has attempted to do himself harm, lately.

– Got wooden teething toy stuck in his mouth.  How?  No idea
– Attempted to dive head first out of baby bath tub.  Multiple times.
– Insisted on licking the only piece of shopping cart not covered, the leg of a chair in church, a stranger’s bracelet…
– Tried to step out of his bouncy seat while strapped in, effectively turning the seat upside down in the process.


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