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A Lot of Things that didn’t happen, and One Important Thing That Did

One very important thing did happen, despite everything.  Ike is now Baptized as a brand new baby Catholic.  Hallelujah!  It wasn’t perfect, not by a long shot, but it was wonderful, blessed, and just the way it was supposed to be.

We have been planning Ike’s baptism for about two months now.  Everything started falling apart around Monday.  Double-bookings, Church red-tape, and Weather related travel cancellations were just some of the pretty big obstacles.  But in the end, he was blessed with the Holy Water and washed from him was his Original Sin, and it was witnessed by a loving god-parent, and three god-siblings, and plenty of family and friends.   And it was done wearing possibly the most pimped out suit a baby could have.  There were four other babies getting baptized on Saturday morning, Ike was by far the best dressed!


Deacon Balfour did the baptisms, I think because I asked that he be available to do Ike’s and he was ever so accommodating and did the baptisms for all of the families present.  There was even a place for the children to be involved in blessing the families’ with Holy Water from the baptismal basin.


By blessing I mean flicking us with water, which was made appropriate and acceptable by saying “Bless You”.  Thanks Deac!  By the way, all the kids up there taking part in this ritual, were with us, so guess who got all of the blessings.  Yeah.

Until Ike got his, special blessing with the Holy Water.  He took it pretty well, no crying, just a sort of confused look to Daddy that said “Um, do you see what this guy is doing to me?  This is not cool Dad.”


Deacon Balfour was pretty excited for us, we were also so happy to have a familiar face to introduce Ike to Catholicism.   Deacon also happened to do our Marriage preparation just two short years ago!


It was a great rite of passage, and Isaac, and myself, and Jacquie, and Derek are eager to raise him in the best Christain manner we know how.


Some important tools for success (for Baptism) courtesy of his wonderful god-family.

We got the boot from the lovely pool-house in Linda’s neighborhood where we’d intended to have the after-baptism party, on Thursday.  THURSDAY!  Linda so kindly let us use her home for it instead.  I am every so grateful!  The thought of piling 30+ family, friends, and guests into our tiny living space which is further crowded by Ike various entertainment options, was giving me hives.  Everyone seemed to  have a nice time at the party, especially the guest of honor.  This kid is so darn social, he enjoyed visiting with everyone.

ke and the girls, my cousins Christina, Voadketra, and Deshawn

He hung out for a long time with his god-mother pretending to be Elvis.  He was dressed for it after all.



Anyway, a great time was had, and everything that went wrong quickly faded from memory as we watched our son, our family, and our friends enjoy each other and our own company.


Mei and Amaria, these two dolls became fast friends, we hope to get them together again soon, but gosh who can stand so much cuteness in one place!


My three cousins and my Aunt Debra traveled to Atlanta to be with us on this great day.  Thank you all for being there for us.


Ike’s bud Braylen stopped by to show us what we have to look forward to, walking, and demanding meatballs.  


Ike’s god-father was one of the cancellations that affected some of our plans.  But he made it in to visit with his god-baby Saturday evening.  They were both glad to see each other.


Unfortunately, two very important people were unable to make it to the big day.  His sister and his grandmother, were also affected by stormy weather that drove the cancellation of flights out of Indiana and Chicago.  They were greatly missed.  We are thinking of having a follow-up baptism blessing at the church we were originally wanting to do the baptism up in Gary, IN so that everyone else can be there.

 To Ike, 

You are so lucky little one, you have so many people who love you and will be here to support you for your whole life.  Your new god-brothers are just smitten with you and they can’t wait to buy you super hero toys and teach you all about being a boy.  Your god-sister, Amaria, says she misses you so much and wants to know if you could please come and live with her.  You are so special to so many people, most of all me.

Love, Mama.


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