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Out and About with Baby Ike

When Ike was first born, I was terrified to take him anywhere.  It was winter and cold and he was so tiny his carseat nearly swallowed him even with the multiple layers of clothing and adorable knitted hats I dressed him in.

When we did have to venture out I packed up everything I could fathom in the diaper bag.

– 12-15 diapers
– an entire package of wipes
– the diaper changing pad that comes with the diaper bag
– a nasal aspirator
– a brush (? I have NEVER brushed this baby’s hair, never not once due to the likelihood of a static cling curly frizzball frenzy)
– baby tylenol (I didn’t even know if it was safe or what the correct dosage was, but lest we should leave home without it!)
– diaper rash cream (Ike has not had a diaper rash at all yet) (KNOCK ON WOOD!!)
– two extra sets of clothes
– 2-3 pairs of extra socks
– an extra hat
– 2 hand sanitizers
– all the available expressed milk in bottles (bc OMG what if he doesn’t latch while we are 12 whole miles from home, mah baby cannot starve for 15 minutes!)
– the nursing cover (just in case he does latch)
– all the blankets
– seven pacifiers
– a pacifier clip that fits on zero of the seven pacifiers
– a jacket (another jacket because he was usually wearing a jacket)

This is what Ike would do the minute we got in the car.  And he would pretty much stay this way.


Teeny Tiny Ikey about four weeks old.

Now, I am far less neurotic about going places with Ike.  We frequent Target and the grocery store regularly, and sometimes we run around just cause.  Ike is becoming my favorite little errand buddy.  And he’s just so darn helpful! IMG_5367  

Don’t worry mama, I got the popcorn!

Everywhere we go, he smiles and flirts with whoever will look in his direction.  He eats up all the attention that comes him way.  He is very good about hanging out in the ergo/stroller/shopping cart provided it is moving at a somewhat continuous pace.

This is the current contents of my diaper bag.


– Skip hop changer with 3 diapers, about 10 wipes, hand sanitizer and poopy bags
– a sippy cup of water
– all the toys I can find
– a banana
– a bib and a spare onesie
– lipstick and powder for me, lol, I never use them I should remove it
– pacifier wipes aka toys-that-fall-on-the-floor-wipes

* the aden and anis blanket is always a must, but it is usually over him in the carseat.  This typically also doubles as a stroller blanket, sunshade, nursing cover, and teether.  Yeah, it’s totally awesome and if  you are expecting you should register for 25 of them.  Also, his pacifier lives in the carseat too.

* maaaybee sometimes I bring a bottle, one, if I know we are going someplace inconvenient for nursing – if not then I make where ever we are going  convenient for nursing. Or awkward.  Same thing.

Progress? I think YES!

Here’s what we did on our outing with those diaper bag contents.

1. Went to the Farmer’s Market

2. Went to Target (and got Starbucks)

3. Visited with Mawmaw and took a walk around the park

4. Grabbed lunch at Panera (Ike ate his banana and some of my bread)

We always have to hit up Starbucks in Target or Kroger before we start shopping.


Whut did we come in here for again? Oh right, I need more diapers and oatmeal, buy all the oatmeal mom.

We were gone most of the morning.  No fast spreading rashes or sudden fevers popped up so we didn’t miss the diaper rash cream or the Tylenol.  In spite of not brushing his hair though, it still looked like this.  Maybe we should pack hats again after all.


Crazy Hair, Don’t Care.


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