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First Play Date

Ike had his very first play date this weekend.  It went a little like this.


What is dis other baby doin’? Claps? I don’t like it.


No more clappin baby! Got it?


I don’t get it, why did mom put me in time out?

Just kidding.  The play date was super fun!  The other babies there belong to my pumping comrades at work, Addie and Jessica.  Addie’s baby is Jake, he’s her third, he is 10 months old, about 2 months older than Ike.  Jake can clap, cruise, crawl, chomp apples, and etc.  Jessica’s baby is Ethan, he is her first, he is 5 months old.  He is right on schedule for a 5 month old baby, meaning he was totally content to watch Ike and Jake push each other of of the way and munch on puffs and cheerios from the security of his mommy’s arms.


The boys are probably still much too young to interact with one another, but I enjoyed hanging out with the ladies and I’m very glad the husbands got to meet.  I hope to do this play date thing again very soon, those are some super adorbs babies!


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