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Motown Philly Back Again

Doin a little ATL swag.  Guess who was here this weekend?  You’ll never guess.  Just guess? Alright I’ll tell you.  Boyz II Men! AND En Vogue!!!

I am definitely a child of the 80s and 90s, and both of these groups were majorly influential on my adolescence.  Or to put it more simply, I just loved them and if someone disagreed I didn’t need to know them!

The two performed at Chastain.  Isaac and I had tickets for a while and I’ve been looking forward to this concert all summer.  The show was just as amazing as I had hoped, even though only two of the original four ladies of En Vogue remained.

How dope were our seats??!



We learned Friday night, that Boyz II Men are doing a semi-permanent stint in Vegas, which also happens to be where “Brittany B!t$h” is currently.  Oh also, I grew up in LOUISIANA in the 90s.  So, yeah, Brit too.  I’m not a huge fan of Vegas but if I could squeeze those two shows into a weekend, I’d be down.

Elsewhere this weekend, there was a Polish pierogi festival on Saturday, very very very far from our house.  But the pierogi’s were tasty, and so were the desserts.  Ike liked the bread…




We had to cut it a little short though, because although we had been enjoying some unseasonably cool weather lately, Saturday was a blazing hot exception.  Ike was not happy.


We went to church on Sunday and then to breakfast, as usual.  Then Sunday evening, I took a mommy-night off.  I met a friend for a drink at a trendy bar and tried not to talk about Ike the whole time.  It was most relaxing and I was majorly in need.  I sometimes (all the time) have a little (a lot) of trouble asking for help, I tend to just wait until I am on the edge of a nervous breakdown to let all of my problems come spilling out with no filter whatsoever, because, I am awesome that way.   While I was gone, my husband cleaned the house.  THE WHOLE HOUSE! And did laundry.  And it was glorious.  I suspect Gabby was a pretty big help in the effort as well.  And then I woke up and it wasn’t a dream!  I love him.  He’s amazing and I’m so lucky.


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