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The Unplanned Stay-cation

**Or this could also be titled “The one in which I posted entirely too many photos”

The plan was to head to Minneapolis for the long Labor Day weekend.  The state fair was going on and I’ve never been.  Also, Ike hasn’t visited his buddy Vincent in ages and we miss that little ginger snap.   Well, Saturday came and we got up early, due to our un-snoozeable alarm clock which can also double as a large heating pad, and we checked flights.  They were all full of standbys with apparently the exact same idea as us, older ones with much more seniority.  Boo! I wanted deep-fried oreos and snickers and turkey legs and cheese curds, plus funnel cake! And I think there are probably rides and stuff too.

Time to reevaluate our now overly freed up weekend.  Hmm.  What to do.  What to do.  What to do that doesn’t involve the airport.  What is there to do in Georgia for fun?  Yeah I have no idea.

Saturday we spent the day at Stone Mountain.  I’ve been there twice before, but Isaac and Gabby and of course Ike had never been.  We rode the train, and the cable cars, and wandered around the museum and the little shopping area.  We enjoyed the view from the top of the mountain, although Ike was not a huge fan of the cable car itself.  He kept it together though, just gripped whoever was holding him tightly.





The train was totally Ike’s favorite part. Obvi.


And then this.


Stone Mountain was fun, although maybe not the level of entertaining we were looking for.  So, on Sunday we packed up and headed East, to Savannah.   I have lived in Atlanta for 8 years now, and Savannah is all of 3.5 hours away, and yet I have never been.  Probably because 3.5 hours by car is about  3 hours longer than I’d normally like to be in a car.  I will however spend 12+ hours in an airport to avoid driving someplace.  Anyway, I digress.  We drove to Savannah.  Ike was superbly well behaved in the car given is past history with road rage.  I think it helps that he can somewhat entertain himself with toys now.

Savannah is beautiful! And now I love it.  And I am planning a more organized trip for the end of the month.   It was just a little bit hot, maybe it will have cooled down a little.  Ike didn’t really like to wear his sun hat.

This hat makes me look like a dork mom.  

There’s moss covered oak trees, just like New Orleans.


And there’s little park squares all throughout downtown.



And I love the iron balconies.


And Riverstreet is gorgeous and there’s a paddleboat and a ferry and it’s just the cutest little town ever!  Oh and there’s a candy shop that I definately need to hit up again very soon!




Also, Ike now loves ice cream, um oops?

Mmmm this is the best stuff evers.

I’ll have ummm, both of these.

We had a phenomenal fresh seafood dinner at a restaurant called Tubby’s, on the patio that overlooked the river.  Fresh caught Mahi Mahi, shrimp, and crab cakes all around.  Ike now loves mahi as well now.  Aside: Ike HATES jarred babyfood, so mommy is awesome and will be continuing to make his delicous baby food.

We stayed in an adorable boutique hotel by Marriott called Mansion on Forsyth Park.  Ike ordered bottle service immediately upon arrival.


Hey girls, come on over to my room, I got extra bottles!  Onesies are optional!

On Monday we drove the extra half hour to Tybee Island.  It is a cute little lazy beach town and reminded me of my college days that I spent working in Fort Walton beach.  When we go back we are definately staying on the island and laying about the beach most days.





So apparently there is a wealth of enjoyable activities right here in our own backyard.  Not that we will be scaling back the airplane trips any time soon, but it’s good to know there are excellent alternatives for weekends like this when everybody and their uncle, sister, cousin, brother are trying to get places.


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