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Nine Months Old

Ike is nine months old.  That means that I have officially had to share him for as long as I had him to myself in my belly.  What a milestone to have reached.

He’s a very independent nine months too.  That makes it just a little bit sadder I think.  He will play on his own in his crib or playpen when he wakes up from a nap.  As soon as he can get himself to his feet at whatever piece of furniture is closeby, he takes off away from his supervisors.  He loves to feed himself, even though half of the food ends up on the floor (or in his diaper or in his neck rolls).

Ike’s nine month Stats (via A Kid’s World Peds)

Weight: 20lbs 3oz
Height: 29 and 3/4 inches
Hair Length: Requiring a headband for hot days.
Clothing Size: 6-12mos, or 9mos

Ike can do:

  1. Pull up to standing on the couch, crib, playpen, chair, kitchen cabinets, dresser, and tub.
  2. Feed himself (pancakes, chicken, puffs, rice, avocado, banana, popcicles, smashed beans, smashed peas, sweet potato, etc).
  3. Give super awesome slobbery open mouth kisses, to people and also people inside of electronic devices (the picture of the baby in my phone, grandma facetimed on the computer) and also stuffed animals.
  4. Army scoot/land swim but not crawl.  He’s gotten quite effient at arm only, legs partially helpful, belly scooting lately.  Mostly this mode of transportation is only used to reach a chair or other ledge to stand up.
  5. Walk with one handed assistance.  Last month Ike really needed two hands on someone or something to balance.  This month he can take numerous steps holding only one’s finger.
  6. Open cabinets.  Um hello amazon.com  I need to place an order for door latches (and gates).  Prime eligible two day shipping please. thanks.

Ike is probably just weeks away from full fledged walking (maybe even less!).  I am told that after the first steps are taken, there is a snowball effect from babyhood into toddler in rapid succession.  I want to document the delightful smushy, chunky, pinch-worthy baby Ike for just a little bit.  Before he becomes a lean mean toddler machine.

hese thighs!

Popeye arms

hubby little feet that won’t fit into baby shoes

All the hairs

These cheeks!

Diaper butt

Dear Ike,

What a joy you have been this nine months, not just to me, but to everyone you meet.  Although sharing you with the world is hard for me, you just love everyone so much I cannot keep you all to myself as much as I’d like to.  You melt hearts left and right.  Your family adores you and they travel far and wide to spend time with you.  Your grandmothers miss you greatly when they are away.  Your daddy hurries home from even his most favorite past times to see you.  You are ever so special to every Salinas, Thompson, Spearman, and Harrison out there.  We love you dearly.

Love mama.


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