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Would you please sit your butt down?


Um no thank you.

Ike is a very busy baby.  Like constantly, even when he’s dead tired and his eyes are drooping, he is still on the move.

I can sit Ike down in the middle of the floor with no less than 4 toys to play with, and by the time I stand up he is off! Towards, crumbs on the floor, the nearest piece of furniture to pull up on, pretty much anything that is not a toy is appealing. Especially including, but not limited to, the dishwasher, the stove (only when turned on), shoes, purse straps, window blinds, phones, remotes, and at least 3 day old super puffs hiding conspicously out of reach of the vacuum cleaner, but not out of reach of tiny 9-month old popeye arms.

The other day I was attempting to take Ike’s monthly photo.  You know the sickeningly cute ones that every mommy takes with the adorable sticker that says “X months” and is decorated with trucks, bunnies, princess crowns, bow ties, etc?  Yeah we do that.  And we fill in stats on a chalkboard.  Our stickers have mustaches on them, fyi.

Anyway, Ike was all dressed in his plain white onesie and I was trying to stick the sticker on his belly.  But he did not want the sticker on his belly.  He wanted the sticker in his mouth.  His motor skills are improving rapidly, because before I could get the sticker smoothed down, he could lift up the loose corner and rip the whole thing off.

With the sticker finally attached, I put Ike on the floor and setup the little chalkboard next to him.  I walked THREE WHOLE STEPS to the table to grab the camera and Ike was on his belly with the chalkboard in his mouth.  About 2 seconds later, on his back with the chalkboard above his head.  Another second, the chalkboard goes gliding across the floor and Ike is floor swimming/scooting furiously behind it.


After these attempts at taking the photo.  I moved the sticker, laid the board on the floor and got this.


and then


Ike, this is how you will be remembered at 9 months old.  Incredibly stubborn and unable to sit still!  Wow this kid may have his father’s face but he acts just like his mother.  Stop it already!  And sit your butt down!


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