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Nola Visit

We went to New Orleans this weekend.  We haven’t been to visit in quite a while, and I missed my family and we all missed the food.  And we are out of blackened seasoning.

We only stayed on day, but we managed to cram all the important stuff in.  We didn’t make it up to Hammond to see my nieces and nephews because they were sick with strep throat, so I’ll have to wait again to see little Selena (pout).

I did however, finally catch up with my cousin Delina and her family this trip.  They had us over to the house and we chatted and ate some phenomenal barbecue from her husband Web.  I ate too much.  Then we went to dinner at Dragos.  Because, well, New Orleans.


Oh, also before we went to eat barbecue, we went to eat Beignets.  It was Ike’s first taste.  I do believe he is now hooked, like the rest of us.


After Beignets, Barbecue, and seafood, everyone was pretty beat, stuffed, in food comas.  We crashed at my dad’s and got up early to go to church.  Gabby was a little upset, I forgot to tell her we were going to church, and she only had a t-shirt to wear the next day.  I told her it was fine, that it was game day and everyone would be wearing jerseys anyway.  I was right.  I miss my Nola.

When I was a kid, 11am mass would always be cut short on Sundays that the Saints played at noon.  Because if the priest wasn’t done by 11:45, pretty much everyone left.

After church we went to our favorite breakfast spot.  And had the most phenomenal breakfast as always.  And also, libations.  The one with the straw is Ike’s.




Short trip, but splendid to see everyone. I hope we can find the time to visit again soon, and finally meet baby Selena!



Ike on the way home.  Well, until people came and took away our spare seats.


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