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Savannah and Tybee Island – Take 2

We went back to Savannah this weekend.  We just had such a lovely time on our impromptu trip a few weeks ago.  This time, we planned a long weekend, invited the family, and rented a condo on Tybee Island.  Of course it was a little too cool to call it perfect beach weather.  Boy three weeks can make a big difference!  The warm and inviting bathtub-esq waters on the beach were replaced with colder ones and the wind kicked up all the beautiful white sands.  Our shade tent for Ike had to do double duty as a wind shield for the two shorts outings to the beach.  Ike was not impressed by the changes.

Wah I want to go swimming!


Ivanal did build a sand castle, or mound, or whatever, it had a cool moat.


We missed the incredible Sophia Vergara by about 24hrs, but we ended up in the same square as she was the day before.  Ike paid homage to her fabulousness by copycatting her photo.  Ah the celeb life!


Now everybody knows that stars just don’t wake up to look like that.  It takes a team.  Ike’s entourage getting the shot just right.  One holder, one entertainer, and one photographer.


We hit Paula Deen’s The Lady and Sons this trip.  A staple of a Savannah visit, or so I am told.  To be honest, I was disappointed.  Or maybe it was the butter soaked guilt I experienced the moment I stepped through the doors to the overpowering smell of fried, indulgent, all-to-creamy southern buffet.  It was all-in-all an incredibly heavy meal, with two different kinds of butter-laden breads, fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, cheese with some macaroni, and somehow slippery green beans.  Oh and the densest peach cobbler I’ve ever had.  Whew, I still feel like butter is seeping from my pores. We did it though, we came, we saw, we did not conqueror (probably for the best no cardiac visits to the Savannah hospital).

We had a much better meal, however still heavily buttered, the following night at the Crab Shack on Tybee Island.  We ordered the boil sampler for three.  And we ate until we couldn’t eat any more, and this was still left!


Isaac even got some golfing in while we were there.  Mini-golfing that is, with the most formidable opponents.

IMG_5886 IMG_5885

He beat me by one stroke, with a baby on my back.


I’m pretty satisfied though.  I probably could have caught up, but we had to suspend play due to the some showers in the area.

Isaac and Gabby took a ghost tour in downtown Savannah, and since I am a huge chicken, I passed and took Ike to the Forest Gump square with some candy from Savannah Candy Kitchen.  Because you know, life is like a box of chocolates.


MMM chocolate boxes.  Yumm.



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