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Bless Her Heart

You know, I’ve never really claimed to be the super-organized, together, perfect, super-mommy type.  I know very well that I am not.  I can usually be found chasing my tail in one direction or the other, or sometimes both making the whole ordeal even less productive.  I know that.  But, I do consider myself to at least be attuned to my children and husband’s basic needs most of the time.

Most. Of. The. Time.

We had a little bit of a cold snap last week here in Atlanta.  By cold snap I mean, it dipped into the low 60s.  At night.  Briefly.  Everybody go dig out your snow tires!

Nevertheless, we had some free tickets to the last Braves home stand courtesy of my work.  Isaac was out of town so I planned to take the kids with me. Well, Gabby and I were getting Ike ready to go and I told her to put pants on him, because it was probably too chilly for him to just wear his Braves onesie.  She called downstairs to me while she was getting him dressed.  “Where are all of Ike’s pants?”

I went upstairs to the nursery and pulled out his bin labeled “pants” and proceeded to remove 14 pairs of SHORTS.  And one pair of fleece pants with very wide legs which will do nothing for wind protection.  And one pair of the most obsurd white linen pants that cuffed at the ankles.  Yes I bought said pair of obsurd pants because, well, because they are adorable with a little plaid button up shirt and his aviators.  Anyway.

Not a single pair of useful pants.  Not one.  Surely this cannot be.  There has to be a pair of 9 month pants in this house somewhere!  I had to have noticed that he needs pants since he has been in 9 mo clothing for the past 8 weeks.  I went to the garage to look in his bigger clothes sizes bins.  All 12-18 month pants.  Adorable pants.  With cute little critters on the butts.  A pair of red skinny jeans.  Some cargo pants.  Fleece lined pants!  None of them fit.  Not one!  Come on! I just need one pair of pants I will go buy pants tomorrow I promise!

Ike went to the baseball game in these.


Yeah, they are six month pants.  I am an awesome mom.  Hey, I did locate two of the same sock that matched the rest of his outfit.

Anyways, Grandma to the rescue!  Grandma sent no less than 11 pairs of pants yesterday!  Ike promptly threw them all on the floor.  It’s cool, I picked them up.  They are awesome and cozy and we are ready for fall.


Oh except the shoes I bought him TWO WEEKS AGO are already too small!  Smh.


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