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The Carseat Conundrum

Did you know that you are now supposed to keep a child in a rear-facing carseat until they are AT LEAST two years old?  Did you also know that the average sized child grows out of the infant seat by their first birthday? I didn’t.   I did not know either of these things when we chose our Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat and purchased TWO extra bases (one for Dad and one for Mawmaw).  He never rides with Dad; and Mom and Dad didn’t allow Mawmaw to take him anywhere for about… oh, until just now.

Tiny Ike in the Giant Keyfit.

Giant Ike in the Tiny Keyfit.

The Keyfit was $200, each extra base was $50.  Now true enough they were all registry gifts, but still!  The Keyfit was great, in theory.  We could cover the whole seat to keep baby warm.  Brilliant! We never did that.  We could carry the baby around and not wake him up when he fall asleep in the car.  He does not sleep in the car, he screamed.  It has a stroller frame that it can snap into with a huge basket for when I need to run errands.  I didn’t use it.  Because Ike never  liked being in the car seat.  It’s a relatively sleek and simple seat and it will fit nicely in the cars.  It doesn’t.  I have the biggest car of the family an SUV and even still it hinders the passenger recline immensley.  It comes in blue!  And as my husband says “blue is for boys.”  Ike could not care less what color the stupid seat is just take him out already!  He was just not an infant car seat sort of guy I guess.

Now Ike is 10 months old, weighs 21 pounds and is practically hanging out of the infant seat.  WE NEED A NEW SEAT ASAP!  No problem, Mei was kind enough to give Ike her old Graco Nautilus seats.  Two of them.  Perfect!  Oh wait.  They don’t face rearward you say?  But. Oh.  They just recently decided rearward was safer for longer times  you say? Well poop.  Okay I’ll take them back to the garage.  I believe there may be more baby related objects in the garage than there are in the house.  And that is saying something!

All of this rambling to say.  We need to buy a convertible car seat.  They are expensive.  And bulky.  And there are about 14 ba-jillion kinds.  And do we need to buy two?  Since my mother does take Ike places now.  And I also take Ike places.  And he will be starting school (SCHOOL!) next spring and my mom will be picking him up and I (or Isaac) will be dropping him off.  Holy poo on toast.  Times two! Possibly Three!

I have extensively researched convertible car seats for about two weeks now.  By research I mean, I have taken a poll of all the moms that I know and read approximately two articles on the internet.  And then a friend sent me to the NHTSA site.  And now I have narrowed my choices down from 14 ba-jillion to about 457.

My top options are.

1. Britax Roundabout



  • This one is the least bulky of the seats.
  • And it’s the one of most economical.
  • It has pretty good reviews on Lucie’s List.
  • Easy to remove, washable cover


  • 3 Stars on “Ease of Use Rating” by NHTSA
  • Looks a bit cumbersome to install in the car (you have to remove the pad and cover to install the seat belt).
  • Not the most breathable fabric, could get hot in the summer.

2. The First Years True Fit Si



  • 5 stars on “Ease of Use”
  • Good reviews on Lucie’s List
  • Cupholder (I think that may be useful later?)
  • Easy to remove, washable cover
  • No rethread straps for easy adjustment
  • Has flip bar tether thingy for kickback protection (not sure exactly what all this means, but it sounds safe).


  • Super bulky with extra head rest thingy
  • Heavy seat (18.5lbs)
  • Cannot find in any stores to check out before purchasing!
  • Comes in unfavorable colors (read. RED YUCK!)

3. Recaro Pro Ride



  • 4 stars on “Ease of Use”
  • Has extra safety testing above what is required by NHSTA
  • Sits up higher than most seats, so baby can see out the window.
  • Has high height limit for rear facing children.  I have read that children outgrow the height limits on car seats long before the weight limit.  We are experiencing this with the Keyfit, Ike only weights 21 pounds, the limit is 30, but he is getting too tall for it.


  • Not reviewed on Lucie’s List
  • Even bulkier than The True Fit
  • Even heavier than The True Fit
  • Most expensive seat
  • C over is not machine washable (deal breaker!)

4. Graco My Ride 65



  • Recognizable Brand
  • Economical – least expensive seat considered
  • Lightest seat (15.8lbs)
  • 4 star ease of use rating per NHTSA


  • Not reviewed on Lucie’s list
  • Some reviews say the height restriction does not allow use in rear facing position until age 2
  • Material seems hot and not breathable
  • Difficult to remove cover for washing
  • Difficult to install into the car

In closing.  I have no idea what to do! HALP!

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4 thoughts on “The Carseat Conundrum

  1. we have a Graco My Ride 65 and it was wonderful. I would recommend it. I didn’t find it difficult to install and the cover isn’t that difficult to wash.

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