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A lot of scary/sad/depressing stuff is happening this week.  I am choosing not to address that stuff here.  Because I don’t want insearch to become my outlet for all things ranty or sappy or all woe is me.  That’s not why I started this.  It’s a place to enjoy my son growing up.  So we are okay in the Salinas house, we are going to take care of our family and keep moving forward because that is the only choice.

And Ike? Ike is going to build forts! Or find them.  He made one out of a high chair when we went to his sister’s birthday dinner.  I’m thinking we will have to  build a proper living room fort soon, I need to go find some extra linens.





Also that day, Ike decided he needed to change the tire on his stroller.


This is such a boys’ boy!


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