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A Learning Explosion

Over the last 10 days it seems like Ike has learned endless new skills.  It all happened in the blink of an eye.  Slightly more than a week and he has gone from zero to 60 right under our noses.


Ike has started to pickup some of the signs we have been showing him for a few months now.  He watches My First Signs every morning with Daddy and we try to practice them whenever we can.  Naturally, he has picked up the ones pertaining to eating first.  He is a child after my own heart.

Ike can make the sign for “all done”, “more”, and “milk” all on his own.  He had been doing the “all done” for a little while earlier, but he wasn’t really aware of what it meant.  I think he just liked to wave his arms around, because I would take him out of the high chair and he would proceed to try to climb back up it to get the food from the tray.

Now?  Now Ike waves his arms and then tries to free himself of the high chair immediately.  I think he gets it.

The milk sign is by far my favorite.  Although, there have been several instances that he has shown me at most inopportune times.  Yesterday he asked several times in church.  Our church (my mom’s church) is very inconvenient for slipping out to nurse him.  I hope this doesn’t make him think that the sign is not “milk” or that I am ignoring his needs.


Ever since our playdate with baby Jake I have been trying to teach Ike to clap.  Because Jake was just so adorable when he did it at the park.  He sat up all straight and proud and would clap, then wait expectantly for his sisters to reply with their own clapping and clamoring about.  He just ate it  up.

So Ike and I play patty cake.  All the time.  And he likes to make my hands clap when we play, but this weekend he used his own hands to clap.  He was very impressed.  And in church yesterday he clapped along with everyone during the songs.  I was very impressed!

CRAWLING, the proper kind.

Ike has been crawling since he was a little over six months old.  But his crawling was actually more of a scooting on his belly to get to places he absolutely had to go (such as to the iphone that someone left on the floor).  The scooting started out as an awkward swimming-on-land thing where he would slap both hands on the ground in front of him and pull the rest of his body forward while his legs flailed helplessly behind him.

The water-less swimming technique morphed into the much more efficient army-ranger-training style elbow scooting by eight or so months old.   He is pretty fast at this crawling and has figured out how to make his legs more useful and less like dead-weight.

As of about a week ago, he is up on all fours and barreling around the house.  Which means, I am racing around ahead of him to close doors and remove crumbs and scraps of paper.   This all four/belly off the ground crawling too had to evolve.  He started without much coordination between his hands and his legs, in which a left arm would also enjoy the company of a left leg and vice versa resulting in sort of dancy-type shuffle thing across the floor.  He has managed to get opposite-opposites down and can get from the living room to the second or third stair in about the time it takes me to get off my lazy ass and chase after him.


Ike had taken a few steps starting about two weeks ago.  Only three max.  And only for Gabby.  As of yesterday he walked from one edge of the couch to the other, about 10 or so steps!  He still needs to be coaxed.  And he doesn’t walk for me (obviously he knows this will break my heart and he is trying to spare my feelings).  But he can do it.

He faceplants regularly which pisses him off to no end.  I think this may be a deterrent from full fledged strutting about.  No hurry baby!


Of course he babbles, and has for a while.  And he says some noticeable words, but this week he has mocked some words I didn’t know he could say.  Like “I did it” and “it’s ok” “yeah”.  Next thing I know he’s going to be ordering a four course meal!

Whoa now buddy, you don’t need to learn that skill yet!

With all of these new found skills comes?  NO MORE SLEEP! He is up at least three times a night, usually once before I have a chance to even get into bed myself.  He seems to be having nightmares, waking up in a wailing fit of fear.  It’s becoming much more difficult to calm him, and for me, only nursing works to get him back down.  He has been in our bed a lot lately, because 3, 4, 5 trips to his room are just too much for me.  I think that may be making things worse.  Hopefully this phase will pass, although I don’t see this picking up new habits slowing any time soon.



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