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Happy Fall

This weekend we had a busy travel schedule.  Isaac, Ike, and I ended up on 4 planes in 4 days!  And Ike was a trooper! He did so good on our crazy travel long weekend.  Ok ok.  He MIGHT have torn up an entire free magazine and MAYBE he dumped over a full cup of lemonade (with ice) and POSSIBLY he had a bit of fun with a passenger or two in front of him, but all of the evidence is totally circumstantial.  Ike? Oh, he pleads the 5th.

Our flight schedule went like this.

Thursday 10/16/14 ATL-MSY 12:00pm

Friday 10/17/13 MSY-ATL 07:00pm

Saturday 10/18/14 ATL-SBN 08:0am

Sunday 10/19/14 SBN-ATL 5:00pm

We had to go home to New Orleans for a family funeral.  It was very sad.  But there was a little bit of light, we will be adding a member to the family sometime soon.  My cousin got engaged last week, I am so excited for her.  Isaac has already made himself at home in tormenting him along with all of my uncles.  How soon we do forget.

We were in New Orleans Thursday and Friday, came home unpacked and repacked for Indiana first thing Saturday morning (I forgot a bunch of stuff).  Isaac’s little cousin was in a folklorico recital.  It was so good!  And he was a natural at being the center of attention.


He did awesome! I was totally impressed.


Ike said “It’s too stinkin loud! Can’t a baby sleep around here?”


Ike got in some good fall outdoors time in Indiana with the beautiful changing leaves.  That happens here in Georgia too, but not in as spectacular of fashion.

Pics of fall from Indiana featuring baby Ike.













PS.  That little awesome person is 11 months old today!  His first birthday is going from a fun little planning activity in the far off future (i.e. Pinteresting random ideas during lunch) to a looming deadline that is happening in exactly one month!  Also, the invitations are out, so it is definitely going to happen PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT IT NOW!  I better get off my butt and do some work.  There are thousands of construction paper leaves to cut out!  Why? You’ll see next month!


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