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First Halloween

Ike’s First Halloween showcased his most awesome hair.  Like this…



He was Neymar de Silva Santos (I had to look that up).   Anyway, he’s a really good soccer player from Brazil.  Dad bought Ike the jersey during the World Cup.  I bought the awesome blue headband in the beauty department of Target.  Grandma managed to find knee high socks in baby sizes without lace (because apparently only little girls need knee high socks, people have no imagination).  I think it all comes together nicely.



We went Trick or Treating at cousin Mei’s house, but we took too long to arrive so she went ahead of us.  Ike was very disappointed not to be invited into everyone’s house.



Although candy is the best!  Candy wrappers anyway.





Happy Halloween from the cutest baby soccer player ever.   And his mom and dad too!



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