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The Baby is Winning

Ike and I have been having a bit of a battle of wills the past few days.  I insist he sit in the high chair and eat, he insists that he climb out of the high chair after throwing all of the food on the floor.

Aside from the giant mess this makes on the floor.  He is STILL up all night nursing or having bottles.  Yes we have tried both with equally abysmal results.

Everyday I wake my exhausted butt up with new found determination, this baby is not going to beat me.  I am smart and also the grown up.  Everyday, he refuses every. single. thing. I put in front of him. Eggs, cheese, oatmeal, avocado, chicken, these are his favorites!  There are traces of all of these on the floor.

Last night I pulled out some baby food purees from the freezer, wondering if the problem was laziness and the labor of self feeding.  No. He refused to sit in the high chair, even after I let him taste the food in the kitchen.  So I let him out to crawl around and proceeded to follow him around with the spoon trying to force a bite here and there.  Yeah I found pureed chicken soup on a CD, a book, the corner of the table, and in my bra.

Tonight, I pureed some sweet potato, apple, and brown rice and put the high chair in the living room.  I let my child watch television while I feed him.  It was the baby channel, and it was all of about 15 minutes, but I feel pretty guilty.  He did however finish the bowl of food.  This is clearly not a long term solution though.

Does anybody have any workable solutions?  And if someone says to present the food and let it be, or that it’s his choice on what, how much or even at all I would like to personally invite you to come and spend the night at my house.  Yeah, I read that book.  No it is not working! I am so tired.

So, I’ll just be over here combing through baby sleep, eat, poop, and be reasonable books looking for a realistic solution.  Just kidding.  I’m going to have a glass of wine and pick up cheerios off the floor until Ike wakes up for his night-breakfast.



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