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Oh to be young again

Isaac and I both attended SHPE’s national conference last week in lovely (rainy, cold, and cloudy) Detroit.  There is a lack of photos in this post, because most of the time we were both in work-branded attire.  We (my work) recruit there annually and are a major sponsor to the organization.   The candidates we get interest from at the conference are always stand outs and they are from schools across the US all in one place.  SHPE’s mission is very simple, but powerful as well.

SHPE changes lives by empowering the Hispanic community to realize its fullest potential and to impact the world through STEM awareness, access, support and development.  credit.

The students I have talked to at this conference have often accomplished more by their Junior year of college than I have, or even hope to have, in my entire professional career.  They hold multiple certifications, they are entrepreneurs, and many have overcome obstacles to make them first generation college students.    I look forward to this and, the counter part in the spring, NSBE every year.  It is most refreshing to escape the cynical working world of corporate america (as wonderfully shining and happy-family-oriented as my company may be) to get a new rose-colored perspective from young students.

Plus, being around so much youthful energy makes me feel young again.  Or rather, tricks me into thinking I am actually young again.  I am not.  I have to relearn this the hard way every year.  This year, on Thursday, we stayed out hanging around the hotel bar until, oh I don’t know, 12:30am or so.  Yeah it’s now um, Tuesday, I think I’ve almost recovered.   Maybe one more day, or week, whatever, I’m an idiot.


We  brought Ike and Gabby met us there a little later as well.  And grandma Gigi took two days off to come and help with the little monster while Isaac and my’s schedules overlapped Thursday and Friday.  Ike grandmasareawesome please don’t ever forget that.

Gabby has been trying to decide between a Marketing major and an Electrical Engineering major for some time now.  SHPE is one of the country’s largest engineering societies geared mainly towards collegiate students.   It attracts numerous fortune 500 companies to their gigantic career fair, and those companies often host workshops to help college students with everything from resume writing to helping find their professional calling.   Gabby attended two workshops and the career fair.  The career fair can be quite daunting at first, and she was shy about talking to recruiters.  But there was one place that seemed to spark her interest towards the end of the day.  Also, the free giveaways always help to break the ice.  There was a certain cosmetics corporation in attendance that was a particular hit.

Isaac lead a workshop for our company on the basic principals of Project Management.  He did awesome and all the students raved about him and our business.  We both conducted coop student interviews during the conference.  Isaac made an offer on the spot.  I interviewed two phenomenal students for two other departments, I found zero candidates for my own department.  Ugh.  Electrical engineers are so weird man.  Sorry husband (and daughter), but Aerospace nerds are way more sociable.  Generally speaking of course.

I mentioned we brought Ike.  It seemed like a good idea in theory.  We could work opposite schedules, and I didn’t have to wig out about milk and bed times and general baby safety/happiness.  Perfect.  Except, not at all!  He was a complete brat the whole trip.  Screaming on planes.  Screaming at dinners.  Screaming in hotel rooms.  Screaming in carriers at career fairs.  You get the picture.  We went out to dinner with all of the recruiters one night, and he was passed back and forth between me, Isaac and Gabby until dinner came, mostly to keep him from crawling down the stairs (why are their three flights of stairs in a restaurant in the first place?).  Then, once dinner came, he proceeded to gobble up all of the meat and throw every single green pea on the floor.

Oh and he discovered how to do this as well.


Now every time the bathroom door opens there is a thundering sound of knees and palms hitting the floor in fury to try to get to the toilet paper.

But it wasn’t all bad.  Ike did take his sister and I out to dinner Saturday night.


P.S. Happy Veterans day to all the Vets out there, namely; Mom, Dad, and Uncle Johnny.  Thank you all for all you do (or will do or have done).  We take for granted the luxury of living in a country that is safe.  We take for granted our freedom to go out and do things like VOTE and not fear being harmed for expressing our voice.  It takes a bravery that I cannot fathom to put your own person in harm’s way for the good of complete strangers, but I am so grateful that you do it.  So go hug a Vet before the day is done.


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