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Attention! We have a walker!

And just like that, toodlerhood begins…


Now Ike has been taking steps here and there for the better part of two months now.  And he’s been cruising since about 7 months (mostly in a circle around the playpen). However, taking two-four steps on his own was previously accomplished only by massive amounts of coaxing and only at certain times (ie when he darn well felt like it and nothing more).   He actually started properly crawling and taking coaxed steps around the same time (right at 10 months).  Then he sort of reverted to crawling for a while (safer, faster, more efficient) and seemed to abandon learning to walk altogether.

As of Tuesday, Ike is taking steps all on his own.  Teetering along to get from the couch to the toy box/toy area (because the toys have completely taken over).  Or traipsing around the dining room table a few times before dinner, what is with this kid and making laps?   He can walk from the living room into the dining room with no assistance.  He toddles about from the desk to the dishwasher and over to the refrigerator to play with his magnets.   He will not however cross the transition strip between the dining room and the kitchen, must crawl for fear of tripping.  I think he’s faceplanted too many times and may now be getting some of that good sense I’ve been waiting for.

He is full on WALKING!  I have a new found comprehension for the word “toddler”, because that is what he does.  He has a sort of mummy-like, jerky-knee, belly-lead toddle, but it seems to be working for him.

cuse me daddy…

 believe there’s a doggie over here…

hat requires my chasing…


With all the walking comes an intense need to be put down right this instant!  He does this weird thing where his body becomes sort of rigid and he slides he way down my body until his feet hit the floor.  He holds on to my pants for a moment or two and then gone baby gone.

I have to go potty!

He has one pair of too small shoes, one pair of too large shoes, and one pair of soft-sole sandal type shoes.  I had to order some new shoes.  Wide width proper rubber bottomed shoes.  No more baby in socks for us, this baby is on a mission.  I think they are just the cutest things I’ve ever seen.


These baby shoes are made for walking.  Go out and explore the world little man.



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