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One Year Old

Ike you are one year old today.  What an amazing twelve months this has been, we are looking forward to what you still have in store to share with us.  Every day with you has been a blessing.  I look forward to seeing your happy face each morning.  I count the days to the weekend so we can hang out all day long.  You have grown to be very independent in just one year.  You don’t like for anyone to help you, you want to walk by yourself, feed yourself, climb on things to reach by yourself.  You are like your mommy that way.  But then you light up and wave furiously while trying to hurry over when someone comes home to see you; then you remind me of your daddy.  Always social, happy, and outgoing; enjoying everyone’s company.  You love to cuddle and give kisses, especially early in the morning and just before bed, you have just so much love and affection to share.  You love to have people around you, I think one of your favorite places to be is the airport, where you can make friends all around.  You’ve never met a stranger.  Although you definately have your favorites.  I think your sister is the most important person in the world to you.  You call her name when she is not around.  You scramble over to her as soon as she walks in the door. You prefer her over the rest of us any day.   She is your hero, and you are her partner in crime.  What mischief you two might make in the years to come…

When we all look back, many years from now, these are some things I would like to remember about you, baby Ike.

Ike1 ry=400
Baby Ike, November 22nd, 2013.

Words Ike Can Say:

  • Daddy
  • Mama
  • Wow
  • Gabby
  • Grandma
  • Cow
  • Tickle Tickle
  • No
  • Up
  • Go

Ike’s Favorite Song

The Wheels on the Bus

Teeth? 5
Weight? 24 pounds
Height? 31 inches
Clothes size? 12 months

Ike’s Favorite Foods

  • avocado
  • oatmeal
  • chicken
  • eggs


  • milk
  • all done
  • more


  •  11 trips
  • 9 airports
  • 20 airplane rides
  • 2 road trips
  • 1 new country visited





You’ve changed my life forever Ike.  And I wouldn’t trade our worst day together for the best day before you were here.  I love you to the moon and back.  Happy First Birthday.


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