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A Conscious Christmas

Happy first day of Advent! Check out our cute new Advent calendar.


Since Ike’s too small still for candy (yes he is!) Let the fight over the tiny piece of chocolate commence as if there is not 24 other pieces left!

I love Christmas.  Christmas is MY holiday.  You can keep Valentine’s Day, Easter, New Years, even Thanksgiving, just give me Christmas and I’ll be fine.  I love everything about it.  The smells of cinnamon and pine, the fresh baked cookies everywhere, the twinkling lights, Christmas Carols, Christmas trees and ornaments galore.  My favorite though, by a mile, is buying all of my loved ones thoughtful gifts.

There’s a song from New Orleans (by Benny Grunch) called, “I bought presents”.  This song embodies me and my Christmas spirit.

I went on down to Macy’s, and every time I tried to leave, I got caught in the revolving door…so I bought presents… I bought presents and a bottle of Christmas wine.

I just love shopping for presents.  I think about people’s reactions when the open them.  I think about the smiles, and the thank yous, and the “oh this is just what I wanteds!”  They are the best.  And I think about people thinking of Christmas when they pull out the presents throughout the year.

The down side to this love of presents (and Christmas wine)? I tend to get a little carried away buying them (and drinking them?).  I never have really made a true list, I scribble notes here and there when people mention things, but then I go shopping and buy all of everything plus stocking stuffers.  I have no idea even how much I end up spending, because I just get caught up in the season.

Since we are planning to start shopping for a new house early next year, I think it would be a good idea to get a handle on my holiday spending habit.  I don’t want to take away any of the gift giving spirit, but perhaps curtail some of the impulse “junk” purchases.  And at the very least, understand what I am spending and how much so that I don’t pass out when the credit card bill arrives.

I have talked about my new love of printable here before.  And the internet is so full of helpful folks who want to help in every aspect of organization and budgeting.  So finding some Christmas gift printable planning tools was not difficult at all.  I chose to make my own, naturally.  Because you know, I have all the time in the world for piddling around on the computer.  What? Oh the family wants dinner? And clean underwear? oh.  Okay I’ll put that on your Christmas list I have to go buy presents now!

Oh I’m makin a list.  And checkin it twice.  And comparing the price(s).

Here’s my list, with the actual present ideas conveniently omitted, because, duh IT IS A SURPRISE FROM SANTA!


So in total, my target for Christmas shopping is $1100 (because I need $20 for wiggle room and also Christmas wine).   I think this is a very reasonable amount for NINE people.

I’ll fill in a column for the actual amounts and re-post this list after I purchase everything (as of today I have purchased NOTHING save for the Yats xmas CD which arrived this afternoon).

Off I go to cyber Monday shop, ta ta HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Can I order wine on the internet?  Is it on sale today?

Humms maniacally to self while searching for a wine coupon code “on the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a crawfish they caught in Arabi…”


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