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Toddler Christmas List

So Ike’s birthday was less than two weeks ago and already no less than FIVE people have asked me what he needs for Christmas.  Um. A separate room for all of  his new crap! And mom would like a clutter robot to come and clean up all the toys and the millions of separate pieces (90% of which are balls of assorted sizes) each night.

Before unboxing ANY of Ike’s new birthday toys and clothes, I ran through his toy box/area of the living room (and nursery and my bedroom and my bathroom and the kitchen) and removed the toys I have expertly deemed “baby toys”.  This included about 23 rattles, some teethers, a million plastic rings, and some small stuffed animals.  It took up half a plastic tote.  His birthday swag was stuffed into two large boxes barely suitable for checking from Indiana.  I’m playing from behind already and oh jeez where am I gonna put the Christmas tree?  The toys are in the way.

So, what does Ike need for Christmas?  I was planning to wrap many interesting different sized boxes and enjoy watching him tear the wrapping paper off.  Oh but I suppose I should make the kid a proper Christmas list in case someone else would like to purchase a real present, with some sort of item inside the box.  I am not a total scrooge.

Ike will be attending a Montessori preschool in the spring, so I started with the school supply list.  OK everyone send paper towels and vinegar and a framed photo of us.  No seriously.  Here is our newly minted “Toddler” Christmas List.

Ike’s Christmas List


(ie useful items that won’t clutter the living room (only other rooms)

  1. Bibs – this dude is a seriously messy eater, and I am a seriously lazy parent, I have been known to just strip him down to his diaper before sticking him in the high chair, but it’s getting a little chilly for that now.
  2. Suction plate/developmental utensils – Ike loves to steal the spoon when he is being fed.  Not to try to fed him self but more as a drum stick/chew toy, nevertheless, no time like the present to show him what its for.
  3. Indoor shoes – these are for school – the Montessori way is to have children remove outside shoes for clean(er) indoor shoes a-la- Mr. Rogers changing into his sweater vest prior to playing with his talking puppets.
  4. Cloth training pants – another thing from the Montessori school supply list. I am a bit weary about this as he will only be 15 months when he starts, but it’s on the list and well, you know, rules!
  5. Shoes (outside ones) – we got Ike’s feet properly measured last week to find that all of his BRAND NEW SHOES are a size too small.   I like these.
  6. Ditty bag – I don’t know what this is, but it’s on his school supply list.  Does anyone else know or know where I can find one?

I am a HUGE fan of Melissa and Doug toys.  Handmade, many wooden, interesting, and educational toys….

bead maze shape sorter

  1. Melissa and Doug Let’s Play House! Dust, Sweep, and Mop – Ike likes to play with the broom when I am sweeping (daily under the high chair).
  2. Melissa and Doug Jumbo triangular crayons
  3. Melissa and Doug Classic Bead maze
  4. Melissa and Doug Shape Sorting Cube
  5. A toddler sized table and chair – I like a set from Ikea, but I’m still shopping
  6. Bubbles – what kid doesn’t love bubbles?  Not mine

Sensory Toys
I might have a stroke of free time and ambition between now and Christmas, and decide to make Ike one or two of these items for sensory development.  I’ll definitely post them if I do.  I also might not and they will just live forever on my “dreaming of” Pinterest board.

1. Textured cardboard cards – These would be small cardboard cutouts with different textured items attached; buttons, rice, sandpaper, etc.  I think these would store well in an old wipes box.  I have been hoarding these boxes since Ike was born, because I just know they are perfect for something!

2. Sensory Board – Think lots of duck tape plus bags of interesting textures. I have a tote full of miscellaneous craft junk that would be perfect.

3. Shakers – With some old water bottles, remove the labels and fill with sequins, oil, and food coloring.  My toddler loves to shake things.


2 thoughts on “Toddler Christmas List

    • oh, okay, maybe I’m pronouncing it wrong when I ask, because the people at Target just look confused and point me to the handbags. I didn’t think Ike would want to go to school with a purse.

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