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Coat Closet

Oh hey, I was going to organize the coat closet, back in um…oh yeah JUNE!!! Well, better late than never right?

I tackled the closet this weekend, with great success.  After dutifully picking up all of Ike’s various balls, blocks, and little people in the living room (and kitchen, and dining room, and office); I took to the closet.  The closet isn’t that big, so it didn’t take a very long time.  I am  honestly not sure why it seemed to daunting to me up until now.



Out of the coat closet came:

  • One large bag of things to give to Goodwill
  • One bag of Christmas gifts that I bought LAST YEAR and lost, but now have FOUND so ha ha Christmas budget
  • SIX different swiffer devices – three are garbage, and three we still use, the original sweeper, the duster, and the bissel wetjet
  • FOUR boxes of swiffer sweeper cloths and THREE boxes of swiffer dusters, all of them open
  • Nine blankets – the five full size blankets were moved to the linen closet upstairs, the four throw blankets were folded and stored in the coat closet, on the shelf and not the floor
  • Several boxes of light bulbs with one bulb removed, because apparently I buy a box, use one, then it disaapears into the black hole of this closet
  • Some baskets that I know will become useful one day so I cannot get rid of – moved to the laundry room upstairs to keep the rest of the baskets with no purpose (yet) company.


Oh look, there’s a floor under all those swiffers.  And my picnic basket! Because obviously I am the type of outdoorsy-not-afraid-of-bugs-and-nature-in-the-least person who takes picnics all the time.  I found it at a garage sale.  It was 50 cents.  We took it to the drive in movies. Once.


My shoe organizer turned cleaning product storage, conveniently out of reach of grubby little toddler fingers.  The swiffer pads fit nicely in there as well.

Two baskets, that match, and house light bulbs.  The overflow of swiffer pads are being store up here too.  I think they hooked up in the coat closet and had babies.

What was baby Ike doing while I cleaned the coat closet?

IMAG00061 IMAG00060





And this.

The house is still a mess, but whatever, the coat closet is organized and I found free presents!


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