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Will I ever learn that all of the planning in the world cannot combat the most-esteemed -stubbornest child?  Probably not.  But darned if the kid will not keep trying to teach me! I thought (like a moron) that Ike’s first birthday would mark a turning point that would leave behind all things not-so-great-baby and be pretty much a little angel-toddler, who is still my baby in all the ways that I have so carefully picked and chosen.

Things I thought would magically change when Ike turned one (yes the day he turned one).

  1. Sleep.  Foolish, I know.  But everyone said that babies had a tough night schedule, and that you were lucky if your baby slept through the night, and all of the sleep help books address baby this and baby that.  Well I have a toddler.  I thought that meant that the sleeping problems would just disappear.  They have gotten much much worse thank you for asking.
  2. Milk.  This one can be chalked up to lack of research.  Apparently breastmilk is much tastier than cow’s milk per the unanimous poll of uncommunicating 12 month olds.  Apparently it is quite normal for a breastfed baby to refuse cow’s milk.  Apparently I should have probably considered this possibility after the formula rejection.  Apparently I have a hard time with this whole transitioning concept.  We mixed Ike’s milk for a while and 4 weeks later, he will accept only cow’s milk.  Heated preferably.  Unless he is desperate, at that point he’ll take it cold, or frozen, or I’m pretty sure I could put creamed spinach in the bottle and he would happily suck it down.
  3. Sippy Cups.  Ike was introduced to the sippy cup at 6 months, with water.  He spent a few months staring at it and throwing it on the floor.  Then a few months sucking water out and making a fountain with his mouth.  He pretty much still does both of these things.  With water.  He refuses to drink milk from a sippy cup altogether.  However, I was under the impression that he would suffer major developmental and dental issues if we did not take the bottles away when he turned one.  We did.  He suffered a bit of dehydration and a massive fit of general outrage.  Meh, maybe we will try again in a few months.
  4. Tantrums.  I thought this was a two year old toddler problem.  It is not.  I feel majorly duped, I know you seasoned parents knew about this, thanks a lot for the heads up!
  5. Follow Instructions.  Oh having a toddler is wonderful, they said.  They will go and get things for you, they said.  They will be happy to pickup things, and put things away, and be generally helpful if you make it like a game, they said.  They lied.  Here’s how our conversations go: “Ike put your little people in their box”  Ike hears  “run to the bathroom and unroll all the toilet paper”.

Toddlers are awesome.  But they are also babies still.  They are amazingly fast developing creatures, but they also need time to adjust to all the new changes.  We are both figuring this stuff out together, with no deadlines, no overnight changes, just mutually agreed upon plans.



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