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First Birthday Party

The Where the Wild Things are party was a lot of fun to plan and set up, but it was also a lot of fun to attend.  Since the party was in Indiana, it was very well attended by Isaac’s aunts, uncles, cousins, and other family members.  My parents and Ivanal also made the trip.  Having everyone there for Ike was a great blessing.


Here’s the guest of honor all dressed up and tolerating it very well, I think.


Much better with the hood off.  How cute is his little tail?


Here’s Ike with the bowl that he INSISTED on carrying around for most of the party.  He often needs to carry something around with him when he is strolling around the house; shoes, pot lids, cups, paper, idle hands you know how it is…  This bowl is much better than the doggie bowl he initially chose.


Ike’s crown, he was king of all the wild things after all.


Ike’s massive haul.  This kid is seriously loved and adored.


Daddy, totally mastering the art of unwrapping.   Ike totally disappointed in dad’s skills.


Ike showing Daddy how it’s done.


I got a gift as well.  Thus far Ike has not, gone the F*k to sleep!  But we will continue to read the book in the hopes that one day he will.

And the smash cake.  The moment we have all been waiting for, Ike diving into cake for the first time (for the second time, that day).

Ummm, this feels yucky on mah hands.

FYI, Ike did NOT smash his cake like that.  His father did.


Chug chug chug”

“Chug chug chug”


Whut is happening here?


Ah yes, this is much more civilized.  Thanx for tha spoon guys.

Cake=good.  With a spoon of course!




Happy First Birthday buddy, from all your beautiful family, whom can not all look at the camera at the same time.  Not even in 17 takes.  You guys are talented.



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