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Happy Christmas!

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring…except Mommy and Daddy and Ivanal, but that’s all, really!  Until about midnight, then Ike was also stirring a bit too!

The stockings were filled with happiness and cheer.  The gifts under the tree multiplied without fear!



Christmas morning started around 6am, because that is when Ike decided there would be no more sleeping, not even in between mom and dad in the big, warm, family bed.  There were blueberry pancakes and fruit salad for breakfast.  Ivanal and Ike each opened two of their gifts after breakfast.  Then there was the mad dash to get everyone dressed for church.


We wanted to arrive early, because Christmas is a historically super busy church-going day.  Not so much this year.  Maybe everyone goes to vigil mass or midnight?  Not sure, but there was ample sitting space in a normally jam-packed Our Lady of Lourdes 10am mass.  That was good, because little man had to roam the aisles to strut his Christmas bow-tie.  Prior to falling asleep for the better part of the service.



Ike woke up in time to make friends with a very pretty little girl.


After church there were piles more presents to be opened.  Ike was not especially interested and suddenly found old toys far more fascinating.  There’s still a few gifts under the tree for him and he wanted nothing to do with his stocking.  More things to do when we repeat Christmas with Gabby later.

I cooked Christmas dinner for everyone, with a lot of help from Ivanal on Christmas eve.  Glazed ham, macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, and dressing were on the menu.  I ate way too much, then I took a nap with Ike.

The evening we pretty much all layer around in a food coma, Ike got in his Santa PJs and Isaac, Ivanal, and I watched Elf.  Elf is, in my opinion, the most best Christmas movie ever made.  Farrell is hilarious and no one can pull off yellow tights the way he can!


We did a lot of phone calls and facetimes with the other family in Indiana and Louisiana.  But we did miss everyone and I am trying to figure out how to make the rounds to everywhere to finish Christmas-ing.  We are headed to New Orleans tomorrow.


Happy Christmas from Ike and Danielle! Hope you had a wonderful day baby.


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