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2015 Resolve: Overreaching Much?

Probably.  It’s what I do.  But in this time of fresh starts and new beginnings it’s so hard not to think about what we’d like to accomplish.  Anything seems possible with the clean slate of a New Year.  Goals appear attainable, problems have endless solutions, and there seems to be plenty of time for everything.  I mean it’s 365 days!  That’s 8,765 hours!  What can I do with that? SO MUCH I HOPE!  But here are some of the things at the forefront of my ever-over-active brain.

Danielle’s 2015 Resolutions Goals Wishlist ahem Pipe-Dreams

1. Stick to the Budget.  This means reviewing the existing budget for outdated information and realistic targets.  This also means recording what we are actually spending.   We have a budget, we contribute to a joint account for household expenses, we come up short regularly, we borrow from savings sometimes, we don’t account for issues that aren’t regular bills.

2. Accept help when it is offered.  At least sometimes.  At least once.  A month, or a year.

3. Fit in activity as often as possible.  I will not be pumping in the new year very far into the new year, this will cut my daily step count in half.  I will need to makeup the difference somewhere.

4. Have more dates. Play ones and actual ones and family ones

5. Be present.  Stop planning and worrying over the next task; just stop and enjoy the moment and the people.

6. Floss daily.  Yeah it’s gross, but let’s be real, who actually does this every day?  Who has the time.  I will find it.  I will try anyway.

7. Evaluate the excess.  We have too much stuff!  While the thought of neatly labels bins and baskets and cabinets is appealing, the reality is some stuff has got to go!  For someone who has actually painted her nails approximately 5 times this year, I think that 47 nail polishes could be deemed excessive.

It’s seriously killing me that this list is not a round number like say 10, or 100, but I will leave it at that.  Seven is a good number, and attainable goals as well.  Let’s see how I do.



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